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Hinata Hyuga’s 10 Strongest Jutsu In Naruto, Ranked

Hinata Hyuga is a member of Team Kurenai and one of the Konoha 11 in naruto. She was the former heir to Konoha’s Hyuga clan before her father, Hiashi, deemed her too weak to lead it. Since then, Hinata has trained hard to become a kunoichi that her clan can be proud of.

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Hinata’s perseverance and refusal to give up made her one of the strongest kunoichi in Konohagakure. She mastered the Hyuga Gentle Fist technique before learning many of the clan’s most powerful jutsu, all to protect her friends and get Naruto Uzumaki to recognize her as a capable kunoichi.

10/10 The chakra transfer technique allows Hinata to give her chakra to others.

The Chakra Transfer technique allows the user to transfer their own chakra to one or more targets. This technique is often used on the battlefield to help weakened allies recover or bolster the attacks of more powerful shinobi. However, advanced chakra control is required to execute it correctly.

Hinata learned the Chakra Transfer technique from Lady Tsunade during Konoha’s mission to seal the Three-Tails. In addition to mastering the chakra control required by this technique, Hinata used Chakra Transfer to supplement Naruto’s chakra. With it, the pair successfully defeated Toneri Otsutsuki and stopped the moon from hitting Earth.

9/10 Hinata uses the Palm Sage Jutsu to heal injured allies.

Hinata Hyuga uses the Palm Sage Jutsu during the war, Naruto Shippuden

The Palm Sage Jutsu allows users to convert their chakra into healing energy. This green energy can heal targets on contact, mend open wounds, and restore broken bones in a matter of minutes. If a user has precise chakra control and a large chakra pool, he can heal any number of fatal injuries with little to no difficulty.

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Like most of Konohagakure’s kunoichi, Hinata learned the Palm Sage Jutsu after Tsunade’s induction as Fifth Hokage. She used it for the benefit of the Shinobi Alliance during the Fourth Ninja War, preventing several soldiers from succumbing to her injuries. Hinata’s Byakugan also gives her unique benefits when she uses Palm Sage Jutsu, as she can directly scan a person’s internal organs for damage before healing them.

8/10 The four corner sealing barrier can seal the three tails in another dimension

10 Sakura Shizune Hinata and Ino performing the four corners sealing barrier

Tsunade Senju invented the Four Corners Sealing Barrier Jutsu to capture the Three-Tailed Beast before Akatsuki. After completing a series of steps, he launches a web large enough to trap a Tailed Beast before transporting it to another dimension. The technique requires four kunoichi with precise chakra control to complete, one for each of its four corners.

Tsunade selected Hinata from among the kunoichi she taught the Four Corners Sealing Barrier Jutsu. Hinata was able to perform the technique with little difficulty despite its complex nature; he could even produce the barrier multiple times in a short amount of time. Although the technique failed in his original intention, he managed to show just how strong Hinata’s chakra control really was.

7/10 Hinata’s Palm Heel Strike is simple but deadly

Palm Bottom shows how even basic attacks are dangerous for Hyuga

Palm Heel Strike is an incredibly simple yet powerful jutsu that uses a direct strike to an opponent’s body. By sending a wave of chakra directly at its target on contact, the user can stun an enemy or damage their internal organs. This technique can be fatal if Palm Heel Strike hits the target’s heart directly.

As a member of the Hyuga, Hinata possesses her clan’s unique ability to emit chakra from her tenketsu, or chakra points. This makes Hinata’s Palm Heel Strike a deadly jutsu, as the surge of chakra can completely shut down her opponent’s chakra grid. Similarly, she can locate the vital organs of her target using her Byakugan and attack them directly using Hyuga’s Gentle Fist technique.

6/10 The water needle jutsu has pinpoint accuracy and deadly cutting power.

Hinata Hyuga uses a water needle to destroy the chakra bees, Naruto

The Water Needle Jutsu grants a Hyuga the ability to create vortices of water using their chakra. Once submerged in water, the user focuses their chakra into needle-like senbon and fires them at nearby targets. Hyuga’s Byakugan grants the Water Needle Jutsu incredible accuracy and precision, so much so that it can simultaneously kill hundreds of moving bees.

Hinata Hyuga invented the Water Needle Jutsu after being captured by the Kamizuru Clan, a group of shinobi that specialize in bee-based jutsu. After being tied up and left afloat in the river, Hinata used the Water Needle Jutsu to free herself from confinement while simultaneously destroying Kamizuru’s hundred bee drones.

5/10 The Eight Trigrams: Air Palm is a legacy of the Hyuga clan

Hinata Hyuga uses the Eight Trigrams Air Palm in Naruto Shippuden.

The Eight Trigrams: Air Palm uses Hyuga’s unique ability to expel chakra from his tenketsu. After pushing his palm away from him, the resulting gust of wind is charged with exorbitant amounts of chakra. This gale lifts opponents up, blocks their tenketsu, and damages their internal organs.

Hinata’s Eight Trigrams: Air Palm allows her to attack enemies from a distance using the Gentle Fist technique. While the Hyuga are usually melee fighters, Hinata uses Air Palm offensively to disable her enemies or break up groups. She skillfully used this technique during the Fourth Ninja War, launching multiple simultaneous attacks on groups of unsuspecting White Zetsu.

4/10 The Eight Trigrams – Sixty-four palms attack enemies with a series of chakra-blocking blows

Hinata Hyuga uses the eight trigrams sixty-four palms against Guren, Naruto Shippuden

The Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms is a secret technique of the Hyuga Clan. The user first visualizes the Seal of the Eight Trigrams using his Byakugan, orienting himself and his opponent within the seal. Then, they throw six series of strikes, starting with two and doubling up with each consecutive series. Upon completion, the target takes heavy damage, both internal and external, and also suffers from having 64 of their tenketsu fully locked.

In addition to her overwhelming physical strength, Hinata’s Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms also deal devastating psychological damage to her targets. She completes the technique in less than a minute, delivering 64 consecutive hits to her target’s vital organs as she shuts down her chakra points. Hinata’s jutsu not only renders her target breathless, but she is also completely unable to use the jutsu to heal or counterattack.

3/10 The Eight Protective Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms Create an Indestructible Shield of Chakra Threads

The protection of eight trigrams sixty-four palms gave Hinata greater defensive capabilities than Sakura.

The Sixty-Four Palms Eight Protective Trigrams is a versatile technique that turns its main technique into a defensive jutsu. By emitting a constant stream of chakra from their palms, the user creates a network of extremely fine chakra threads. Strong as steel and sharper than a kunai, these threads envelop the user in a protective cage to defend against enemies and jutsu alike.

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Hinata invented the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms Protection Jutsu by carefully studying its main technique. This defensive jutsu provides an ultimate defense similar to the palm rotation technique. However, it also allows Hinata to simultaneously attack hundreds of targets at once, cutting her opponents into small pieces without distinction.

2/10 The Smooth Pass: Twin Lion Fists absorbs chakra from targets on impact

Hinata Hyuga gentle step twins lion fists, Naruto Shippuden

The Gentle Step Twin Lion Fist is an occult technique known only to the main Hyuga branch. Allows a user to emit enough chakra into their fists for them to become visible. The Lion-shaped chakra shrouds that are produced enhance the user’s range and greatly increase their strength. As a bonus, lion heads drain the chakra of those they touch immediately on contact.

After Pain’s assault on Konohagakure, Hinata debuted the Smooth Step: Twin Lion Fists when she defended Naruto from the Akatsuki leader. After mastering the technique under Neji’s tutelage, Hinata fought admirably using the technique and managed to be the only kunoichi to land a hit against Pain. She later used the technique to aid the Shinobi Alliance during the Fourth Ninja War.

1/10 The pop-up shot of the eight Twin Lions trigrams utilizes Hagoromo’s chakra to devastating effect.

Eight Trigrams Twin Lions Crumbling Attack was born by coming into contact with Otsutsuki Chakra

The Twin Lions Eight Trigrams Surging Shot is an upgraded version of his main technique and is only available to someone who has obtained Hamura Otsutsuki’s chakra. Twin Lions Surging Shot is much more powerful than its predecessor with greater range, strength, and destructive power. Even the chakra is noticeably different, as lion heads turn purple under Hamura’s influence.

Hinata gained this ability after being kidnapped by Toneri Otsutsuki. After receiving Hamura’s chakra, she enhanced Hyuga’s greatest kekkei genkai ability before using it to destroy the Tenseigan. Furthermore, she is the only Hyuga capable of producing this technique since only she possesses Hamura’s chakra.

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