High On Life’s PS4 Version Spotted On The PSN Backend



Story Highlights

  • The PlayStation 4 version of High on Life was uploaded on the PSN backend on July 17.
  • Among the details, we can see the total size is 9.8GB, while the game’s currently listed patch is 1.03.
  • Even though the game is available on Xbox Series X|S, there is no sign of release on PlayStation 5.
  • The DLC “High on Knife” is also scheduled to release this fall.

The PlayStation 4 version of High on Life has been spotted by ORBISPatches, which uses AI tech to dig hidden treasures from PS4’s backend. So far, there is no sign of a PS5 version, but if it turns up, PROSPEROPatches should find it easily. While its arrival on the backend strongly suggests its eventual release on PS4, we can’t be sure when or if the game will be released.

High on Life PS4 Backend
High on Life PS4 version via ORBISPatches.

There are a few details worth noting in the post; the game’s current size is listed to be 9.8GB, while the current patch is 1.03. Although the publisher is “unknown,” if we view other games by the publisher, it shows Trover Saves the Universe, another title from Squanch Games. At the very least, it is the strongest evidence showing High on Life’s eventual release on the PlayStation side.

Even so, it is weird that a PS5 version is still missing, especially since the game is available on Xbox Series X|S. Since the PS4 version was only uploaded a few days ago, we might also spot its next-gen version soon. High on Life was released on December 13, 2022, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The title was considered a Microsoft exclusive, but that may not be the case anymore.

High on Life gained massive popularity soon after its release for its unique integration of humor into the FPS genre. The comedy was very similar to Rick and Morty as its director, Justin Roiland, was heavily involved in creating the game. Soon after the allegations, he resigned from Squanch Games, meaning that the upcoming DLC, “High on Knife,” might be the game’s first step forward without Justin Roiland.

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