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Slums Loglocks Chests are scattered around the lower district of Blum City in High On Life. Opening them will earn you some money, which is the game’s main currency, which you can use to buy upgrades that can make you a better bounty hunter or other cool collectibles that you can use. are This guide will show you all the loglocks chests in the slums.

Finding all of the Luglox Chests in the game will give you the Luglox Genocide achievement.

are tomorrow 26 Loglocks Chests In which you can search. Slums. Here is where each is located:

Slims Loglux Chest 1

Slims Loglux Chest #1

Upon entering this area you can immediately jump right to find the first part of the Slimus Luglox chest. There is a place near the pier at the toxic waste where you can launch a zip line. You’ll need the knife to zap you and then use the goop shot to get your chest where it is.

Slims Loglocks Chest 2

Slims Loglux Chest #2

Once you enter Shantytown there is one behind the fence. You can access it by going behind the pier that you use on your way to 9-Torg.

Slims Loglocks Chest 3

Loglux slum Chest number 3

On the upper level of the shanty town, go back to where you meet the two ants guarding the door. You’ll find a large blue alien statue with a missing eye. Use Knifey to go back and access the Luglox chest.

Slims Loglocks Chest 4

Slims Loglux Chest #4

Under the pier docks where you found Luglox Chest #3, you’ll find a Luglox Chest lying around.

Slims Loglocks Chest 5

Slims Loglux Chest #5

Behind the Applebee’s, you’ll find a Luglox Chest with trash cans.

Slims Loglocks Chest 6

Slims Loglux Chest #6

A Luglox Chest can be found above the Applebee’s on their balcony.

Slims Loglocks Chest 7

Slims Loglux Chest #7

A Luglox Chest is hidden behind the billboard above the Applebee’s. It has a mod for Gus.

Slims Loglocks Chest 8

Slims Loglux Chest #8

A Loglux chest can be found on the balcony across from Appleby.

Slims Loglocks Chest 9

Slims Loglux Chest #9

Just beyond the Applebee’s is a small area with lots of umbrellas. Under the dock you can find a Luglox chest.

Slims Loglocks Chest 10

Loglux Chest #10

In the area where you find the ninth Luglox Chest, you can find it on a nearby roof. It’s a blue building with a blue statue of an alien eating some kind of goo. You will receive the Beyond The Stars #6 Trading Card from this Luglox Chest.

Loglux Chest #11

Across the harbor from where you find the ninth Luglox Chest, at the top is a walkway where you can find a Luglox Chest next to a pile of trash and some aliens sitting dejected.

Loglux Chest #12

There is a Luglox Chest on the blue roof of a building, just above the ninth Luglox Chest.

Loglux Chest #13

In front of Applebee’s is a Luglox Chest on a small ledge connecting the stone floor and wooden planks.

Loglux Chest #14

In front of Applebee’s on the roof of a building that looks like a hotel, there is a Luglox Chest on a table.

Loglux Chest #15

In front of the Applebee’s is a sewer hole you can go inside that leads to a Luglox Chest.

Loglux Chest #16

You can find the Luglox Chest in the area where you just fight the 9-Torg from the raised platform before exiting.

Loglux Chest #17

After crossing the bridge where Kenny teaches you to use the goop shot, look on the roof of the first building on the right. Loglocks chests can be found on metal containers.

Loglux Chest #18

Right before you get the knife in this area, there’s a Luglox chest with a laundry machine.

Loglux Chest #19

In the area where you find the knife, there is an area below where you can climb out and use the pipes to get to a Luglox Chest.

Loglux Chest #20

In the same area as the seventeenth Luglox chest where Kenny teaches you the Goop Shot, there’s a Luglox Chest above that you’ll need a jetpack to reach. The moment you cross the bridge on the way to the laundry, look up and you’ll see containers sticking out of the wall.

Loglux Chest #21

In the area where Kenny instructs you to use the goopshot against the enemies, go behind the building to find a loglux chest.

Loglux Chest #22

Across from the laundromat, is a building with a blue and green roof. To the right of the balcony, there’s a green alien who will yell at you to get the Luglox chest he’s standing next to.

Loglux Chest #23

To the left of the teleported slum near Shantytown, you’ll find a Luglox chest under a pipe.

Loglux Chest #24

In Torg territory, go just inside heading up the ramp before you fight the 9-torg in its arena. A Luglox box awaits at the end of the building that you can tether.

Loglux Chest #25

In Torg territory before you go up the ramp to the boss area, there is a Luglox chest behind some containers.

Loglux Chest #26

Outside the Bubble Buds building next to the building with the blue and green roof, this is where you can find the twenty-second Luglox Chest from this list.

All of these slums in High On Life are collection points for Loglux Chests. We hope this guide was informative. Check out this high-on-life content:

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