High On Life Paint Location Guide

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Maybe you’re in Dredgetown looking for a spot of paint for a stranger who’s been blocking loglocks chests and refusing to move until you give them some paint in High On Life. . A bit annoying for those who just want to collect all the Luglox without having to deal with another alien we can’t shoot. This guide will show you where to paint so you can give them what they want.

Where is the paint location in High On Life?

You can use Kenny as a paint to make graffiti all over the wall. Use his globe shot to spray the wall next to the alien and they will be satisfied and move out of the way.

Of course you don’t need to paint the wall to get to the Loglux chest. You can just shoot the globe shot bridge platform on the left which will pull it down. This will also cause the alien to move out of the way and gain access to the Luglox chest.

The Luglocks chest behind the blocking alien contains a Warp Crystal that can be used to purchase Warp Discs from Blurto’s shop in Blum City. So they are always worth getting because you will be able to see some hidden areas and easter eggs.

There’s no real “paint” to speak of, which means you won’t need to find a specific spot. You just have to use Kenny which is the first Gatlan you get in the game. His globe shot.

Here’s our high-on-life paint location guide. We hope this helped you get past the alien blocking the Luglox Chest. So, here’s more High Life content:

You might be interested to see what happens if you wait a full hour in Douglas’s G3 training at High on Life. This YouTube video from Rifle Gaming The answer is:


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