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Depending on what type of monitor you have, you may want to change the setting of the FOV slider in High On Life. However, none of the game’s settings allow you to do this, leaving you stuck with a standard field of view. It doesn’t look good for a modern day first person shooter, so this guide will show you how to change the FOV slider in High On Life.

How to change FOV in High On Life?

The only way to change the FOV slider in High On Life is to download a mod for it. There is no way to change the field of view setting with standard play only. This means that only PC players can do anything to change the FOV slider.

There are several mods already available online that allow you to change the FOV slider of High On Life. There’s one on Steam’s Workshop, but if you don’t own the game on that platform, you can download a mod from Nexus Mods. gave FOV slider mode It seems to work perfectly from DmgVol, although it zooms out some interfaces.

Unfortunately, you’ll also need to download the Oregon mod loader from the same author for it to work. If you are concerned about internet security, Nexus Mods is one of the safest and most trusted sites to download mods from the web.

Advanced on Life FOV slider mode

There is no way to download the mod on Xbox consoles so players not playing on PC will have to wait for a future update. Currently, only PC players are able to edit their files to include this option.

The instructions for installing the FOV slider mod are not complicated yet. You just need to extract the files to the correct folder and then use the Oregon Mod Loader by pressing F1 to edit your FOV.

Here are the complete instructions to get the FOV slider mode working:

  1. Download the mod from DmgVol.
  2. Extract the .pak file to “…\HighOnLife\Oregon\Content\Paks”.
  3. Launch High On Life and press F1 to open the mod menu.
  4. Type in “fovslider” and confirm.
  5. To set the FOV you want, press Esc to pause the game, go to Settings and then Video.
Life FOV Slider Separator High

Here’s our guide to changing the High On Life FOV slider. We hope you have been able to find this information useful even though it is not available for console users. Here’s some more high life content:

Here is the YouTube video. Skates of Random Showing how to change the FOV slider in High On Life with a cheat engine.



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