Helldivers 2 release date announced



Arrowhead Game Studios has Announced Helldivers 2 release date plus new gameplay video.

Helldivers 2 Release Date

According to the official PlayStation blog, the next game will be released on February 8, 2024 on PS5 and Steam. Interested buyers can start pre-ordering the game starting September 22, 2023. They can choose between the Standard Edition and the Super Citizen Edition.

Details of the Super Citizen edition

The Super Citizen Edition includes a special DP-53 Savior of the Free armor set, the Will of the People cape, the full set, the MP-98 submachine gun, the Super Citizen status, and the additional mini-game Strategem Hero. It also has the Premium Warbond content for Steeled Veterans.

Pre-order the game to receive new armor sets:

  • TR-7 Brand Ambassador – A promotional armor set for SUMY Corp. frozen yogurt fans.
  • TR-62 Knight: Armor designed to bring justice to the darkest crevices of the galaxy.
  • TR-9 Cavalier of Democracy: The wearers of this armor do not ride a horse, but are still carried into battle on the faithful steed of Liberty.

Plus, check out the game’s new trailer where studio CEO Johan Pilestedt and the team take on a formidable gall titan.



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