Healing the World Walkthrough – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2


Healing the world in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the main story mission that follows Amends. Peter receives a call from Harry asking if he is ready to come and explore the foundations. During the visit, Peter will actively participate in various research activities and make an important decision about his professional career.

Read on for a complete walkthrough of the Healing the World events in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, including tips on how to complete each objective.

Healing the World Objectives:

Meet Harry in his new laboratory.

Follow the quest marker that leads to the Emily-May Foundation Building. Upon reaching the location, a cutscene will begin where you will automatically enter the building as Peter. Once you gain control, walk with Harry as he takes you to the elevator and go down to the lower floors, to the laboratory where you will meet the entomologist who works with bees. young doctor.

Meet the entomologist

Dr. Young proposes an experimental approach to protect pollinating bees by eliminating their natural predator, the Wolves. To assist the machine learning algorithm, she will allow you to pilot one of the Beedrone. From here, your goal is destroy twenty Beewolves patrolling the atrium of the building.

Destroy the wolves

Wolf bees can be seen in the atrium as red wasps swarming around the yellow hives. Press (R1/Square) to shoot, (R2/X) to go upand (L2/O) to descend to move the camera. Repeatedly loop the hives while shooting to your heart’s content until you complete the objective.

Once this is done, Dr. Young will praise Peter for a very productive session. He then follows Harry once again to meet a very familiar medical specialist.

Meet the specialist doctor

Next, you will find yourself in the laboratory of a prominent antagonist of the game, Dr. Curt Connorsalso know as The alligator. After a discussion about Doc Ock, he will perform a brief health assessment on Harry. She will also learn the reason they hired Dr. Curt Connors as Harry’s doctor.

Explore the Emily-May Foundation

In this section, Peter explores different areas of the Emily-May Foundation before continuing the tour with Harry. He explores the ground floor facilities and Interact with objects with green markers to progress. After the various interactions, Harry will call you and invite you to accompany him upstairs.

continue the tour

Follow the objective marker to the atrium and go up the red stairs. You can find Harry upstairs, right next to the particle accelerator. Accompany Harry up two more flights of stairs leading upwards and you will find yourself in the Agricultural area where you will find yourself Doctor Foster.

He will engage you in a conversation about how to contribute to the progress of food growth and eradicate world hunger. After the discussion, a mini game will start.

Hybrid Calibration Minigame

The Hybrid Calibration minigame will have three phases. Simply follow the instructions and image references given below to easily solve each puzzle:

Hybrid Calibration Phase 1 Solution

Place the bottom-top node (the one with full connectors) in the top left slot. Then place the other two nodes in the corresponding slots above in any order.

Hybrid Calibration Phase 2 Solution

Place one leaf node in the top left slot and another leaf node in the middle slot. Then, insert the orange sun node into the right slot and the water drop node into the bottom left slot. Please see the image above for reference.

Hybrid Calibration Phase 3 Solution

In the third phase, you must insert a specific number of plant attributes into the slots to complete the minigame. In this case, you will need a leaf symbol, a sun symbol, and a water symbol. Feel free to check out the image above for the Phase 3 solution.

Go to the office

After the minigame, follow Harry once again as he leads you to the office entrance. Interact with the door and swipe your card to enter.

As soon as you enter the office, a cutscene begins. Peter, after some thought, agrees to join in with a joke about having to relocate his desk. After that, Harry shows a huge “Welcome Peter” visual surprise.

Peter then makes it clear to Harry that he needs some time before leaving his tutoring job, to which Harry gives his enthusiastic approval. Just before Peter leaves, they agree to meet again that night at Coney Island.

After the scene ends, you will automatically complete the quest “Heal the World” and receive 2000 XP along with access to EMF experiment activity.


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