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  • Heads 2 has officially confirmed its early access for the second quarter of 2024 on Steam and the Epic Games Store.
  • The development team values ​​the concept of early access and its role in the success of the original Heads, allowing them to improve the game based on player feedback before finalizing other aspects.

Hades 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Hades. Officially announced its early access.. According to Supergiant Games, Early Access is set to begin. Second quarter of 2024 And players are looking forward to diving back into the world of Hades on both Steam and Epic Games Store. More details on the specific date, pricing, and system requirements will be confirmed as the game gets closer to launch.

Now we can confirm that we are planning. Hades II To launch in Early Access in Q2 2024 steam And the Epic Games Store. We’ll have more details on the exact date, pricing and system requirements closer to that time.

The concept of early access is very important to the development team, as it was instrumental in the success of the original Heads. They decided to release it as an early access game before finalizing any other aspects, such as the underworld setting. with the Experience Taken from the early access development of the first game, the team approached Hades 2 with a better understanding of what a Hades game should be.

Isometric style gameplay in Hades 2
Isometric style gameplay in Hades 2

Also, the team plans to do a Technical test In the second quarter of 2024, just before the Early Access release. This test will involve a limited number of players and will primarily focus on identifying and resolving any technical or compatibility issues. By conducting this test, the team aims to provide a smooth playing experience to those who try Heads 2 in Early Access.

Additionally, the dev team plans to adopt a style similar to the original Heads for Heads 2’s early access. They will release many. Important updates After the launch of Early Access, adding core content and improving the game based on player feedback. Each update will expand the story, introduce new characters, and deepen existing relationships.

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As fans eagerly await the launch of Hades 2 in Early Access, they can expect a game that takes player feedback and aims to deliver an amazing experience. Development team Commitment Heads sets the stage for an exciting continuation of the franchise to ensure a worthwhile early access.

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