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HBO Max’s Titans Season 4, Episode 5 TV Review

titans Season 4 has revolved around the young superhero team fighting against the magical Mother Mayhem and her sinister cult while keeping person of interest Sebastian Sanger out of reach. This extended game of stay away reaches its climax as the season nears its halfway point with the season’s fifth episode, “Inside Man,” when the Mayhem launches her most insidious strategy to take over Sebastian yet. Although there are some strong character moments in the episode, titans Season 4 is noticeably starting to lose its momentum as it positions its main actors for the next act of the story.

After their harrowing battle against Mayhem and her small army of zombies, the Titans regroup in the safety of STAR Labs in Metropolis, though Conner Kent is still badly injured from the previous battle. Unbeknownst to his teammates, Conner’s injuries go far beyond the skin, and the Titans find themselves on the defensive inside their own safe house. With nowhere to hide, the Titans will have to find a way to keep Sebastian away from Mayhem while figuring out a way to restore one of their own to health and free him from the cult’s powerful control.

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This is truly a standout episode for Joshua Orpin and Anna Diop as Conner and Kory Anders face their own challenges as the pressure mounts. Orpin is able to seamlessly alternate between Conner pretending to be a victim in an effort to lower his teammates’ guard or becoming possessed again in the span of a single moment, keeping the rest of the Titans guessing. Similarly, Diop is able to continue Kory’s handling of his impending fate and how he is linked to the potential threat Sebastian presents, facing his own predicted tragedy and superhero responsibility and following through on that expected determination.

Beyond the beginning and end of the episode, there just isn’t much of a plot progression that actually occurs throughout “Inside Man.” There are some great moments with Ryan Potter’s Gar Logan and Jay Lycurgo’s Tim Drake that feel like genuinely earned level-up moments for their respective characters, but much of the episode has the Titans sitting around, waiting for the other shoe to inevitably drop. . This is underscored by the fact that it’s the first episode of the season without any major action scenes to speak of, despite the occasional brief fights.

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titans s4e5 tim bernard

“Inside Man” feels like a necessary episode to take its characters to the next logical step in the story, but one can’t help but feel that these arcs didn’t need to be expanded into a full episode. The bigger development, which involves Mayhem possessing one of the strongest Titans of all, is largely, arguably literally, postponed rather than given more room to build suspense and menace. Instead, many of the characters find themselves seemingly waiting for the story’s next big hit, and that ennui carries over to the audience.

Although each episode of titans It certainly doesn’t need a big action sequence or major plot, a healthy sense of progression helps justify its place in the larger story. “Inside Man” has a promising opening and closes on an important note, if somewhat superficial, but it hangs around for much of its running time. Given his conclusion, titans Season 4 is set to escalate its paranormal proceedings and superhero stakes considerably, and hopefully this development can reinvigorate the sense of momentum in the overall story.

Developed for television by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti, Titans releases new episodes every Thursday on HBO Max.

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