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Harley Quinn Stayed With the Joker Because He Controlled Her

The following incorporates spoilers from the Harley Quinn thirtieth Anniversary Special.

Sex and comedian books are in no way unknown bedmates, particularly because it pertains to Catwoman. One of her most well-known appearances on-screen gave her a job as Michelle Pfeiffer’s leather-clad and whip-wielding BDSM interpretation. She’s not unfamiliar with it as pertains to Harley Quinn, both, with a latest controversy placing her intercourse life (and Batman’s extra so) on the forefront of Harley’s self-titled animated present. With such a personality within the midst of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn’s fan-favorite relationship, it was solely a matter of time till the trio had a tête-à-tête as regards their relationships, and a narrative from the Harley Quinn thirtieth Anniversary Special, “Submissive” by Stjepan Sejic, lastly does so.

The story takes place shortly after Harley’s closing breakup with Joker, and Poison Ivy is anxious for her. She is starting to lengthy after Joker and exhibiting indicators of returning to him. During separate discussions, Ivy and Harley are each instructed by Catwoman that the jester is “submissive,” which means that she needs somebody to command to her with the intention to turn into sexually excited. She cites Harley’s referring to Joker as “Mistah J” and her full deference to his calls for as proof.

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They each react in a approach that places them on a collision path. Harley, for her half, determines that she should defy what Catwoman has stated and show that she is past Joker’s domination as sexual attraction by turning into dominant herself, overthrowing The Penguin’s Iceberg lounge. Naturally, being a workforce member for everything of her profession up up to now, Harley is unprepared to go up in opposition to Penguin’s well-supplied miniature military with solely her bat and considerably scattered wits.

Her salvation comes within the type of Ivy, who’s performing on the recommendation of Catwoman and exhibiting Harley that she is, in reality, performing on her sexuality when she needs Joker current. As Ivy saves the day and routs Penguin’s males, saving Harley and protecting her secure, she provides Harley an order to not name her Ivy and threatens to maintain Harley on a leash. Harley instantly refers to Ivy and “Pammie” a la “Puddin.” She rapidly realizes what’s happening and that Catwoman was, in reality, proper. Her obsession with Joker was partly due to her sexual desire.

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This brief story is intriguing due to the way it approaches the sexuality of its characters. Harley is not shamed for her preferences, nor for wanting to return to Joker. Catwoman’s experience within the space of intercourse really proves to empower her and Ivy to make the modifications essential to hold Harley out of the clutches of Joker and preserve her independence. In recognizing her personal sexuality, Harley finds her strategy to empowerment—even when that’s via realizing that she prefers to be handled as if she’s powerless.

Comic books do not draw back from intercourse and sexuality, and Harley Quinn is not any exception. Joker’s maintain on her is ceaselessly explored via their intimacy. However, it’s uncommon that comics are Frank and trustworthy about intercourse, not to mention giving intercourse employees (whom this model of Catwoman represents) an vital position in a personality’s self-actualization. In “Submissive,” followers study an vital purpose for why Harley acted as Joker’s puppet for many years, however creators discovered a strategy to discover sexuality with out making it solely about intercourse.

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