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Harley Quinn Has Adopted an Adorable, Talking Pet Alien

Harley Quinn simply adopted a brand-new pet — and it’s nothing like a hyena.

Two of Harley’s greatest identified companions are her pet hyenas, Bud and Lou, however she has had many pets earlier than. During the time that Harley was residing in New York’s Coney Island, she owned an house constructing during which a whole flooring was devoted to rescued animals, primarily canines and cats. In Harley Quinn #22 by author Stephanie Phillips and artists Matteo Lolli and David Baldeón, Harley’s newest pet is a speaking parasitic alien, who she decides to call Parry and gown up like a cat.

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Parry first seems on the finish of Harley Quinn 2022 Annual #1 within the “What Happens in Vegas…” story written by Phillips and illustrated by Baldeón. After going to the Moon and again (actually) as a member of Luke Fox’s Task Force XX, Harley receives an enormous payday and holidays to Las Vegas along with her buddy Kevin to rejoice. While of their lodge room, the 2 are attacked by an FBI agent on the lookout for Parry, who’s revealed after Harley knocks the agent unconscious.

What Is Harley Quinn’s New Pet Like?

Sporting 4 legs, sharp enamel and tentacles, the pink alien has a crass vocabulary and reveals animosity in direction of Kevin. In the difficulty, Parry threatens to “remove the skin from [Kevin’s] face and wear it like a mask” and tells Kevin that they had been as soon as capable of management the minds of others, however controlling somebody “too dumb” like Kevin can be “almost no fun.”

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Harley Quinn Was Just Murdered

Aside from Parry’s bullying of Kevin, Harley Quinn #22 can be the difficulty that kills off the clown protagonist. Parry alerts Harley to a trespasser standing on prime of the ferry she bought and was her new residence, and after she goes to talk with the thriller determine, she is shot and killed. The difficulty serves as the start of a homicide thriller arc during which Harley tries to uncover her killer — however now her mind-set is in query.

To deliver Harley again, Kevin goes to the League of Assassins and convinces their chief Angel Breaker to dip Harley right into a Lazarus Pit. The Lazarus Pits have the facility to heal, rejuvenate and even increase the lifeless, however they’ve been unpredictable in latest time with the potential for harmful unwanted side effects. Harley emerges from the pit with a sinister smile and stare, saying, “I believe I have a murderer to find.”

Harley Quinn #22 is written by Phillips with inside and essential cowl artwork by Lolli, different interiors by David Baldeón, colours by Rain Beredo and letters by AndWorld Design. Variant covers for the difficulty are contributed to by Stjepan Šejić, Baldeón, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Natali Sanders, Frank Miller and Ryan Sook. The difficulty is now on sale from DC Comics.

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