Halo Infinite Introduces Infection Multiplayer Mode With Massive Season 4 Update



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  • Halo Infinite’s season 4 update has come out for all platforms with the inclusion of Infection mode and much more.
  • The new career rank system, the fresh Forest map, and the pristine battle pass are all included in this update.
  • Furthermore, 343 Industries has fixed over 60 issues in the game via the 54GB update.

343 Industries has released the huge season 4 update for Halo Infinite, and it finally brings the much-awaited Infection multiplayer mode to the shooting game. Weighing 54.19GB on Xbox Series X and 42.81GB on Xbox Series S, this patch introduces a fresh battle pass, career rank, new Armor Core, and a Forest map to the title. Furthermore, the devs have also released patch notes to give us a detailed look at all the changes.

First up, Halo Infinite season 4 will establish the new Career Rank progression system in the game through this update. Via this methodology, players will be awarded a title and insignia based on their accumulated personal score. In addition, the Infection multiplayer mode is finally a part of the Xbox exclusive and is available for all players via matchmaking and custom games.

Halo Infinite patch notes
Halo Infinite patch notes

You will face off against other players as either infected or survivors and when a survivor is killed, they will join the infected. Moving on to the new equipment, Quantum Translocator is a powerful instrument that creates a teleportation point at your current location. The Threat Seeker is another fresh addition similar to Threat Sensor but for Ranked matches in Halo Infinite.

Furthermore, a pristine battle pass with 100 tiers and over 180 rewards is also included in the season 4 update. A new Armor Core titled the HAZMAT Armor Core is unlockable for free in season 4 and will be available for every player as soon as the update downloads. Halo Infinite will also get to customize weapons like the MA40 Assault Rifle, Mk50 Sidekick, and BR75 Battle Rifle in a variety of new ways via the new weapon model items.

Moreover, a new Arena map called Forest, which is an abandoned, asymmetrical forerunner temple present in a densely wooded area, has also been added in season 4. Besides this new Arena map, Halo Infinite will also get the new Big Team battle map called Scarr. Moving on to Forge, you can now add a 2D plane of water in the game mode and Forerunner-themed assets will also be available to players in addition to Universal Blockers.

Besides the new FX Scale option, the budget meter in Halo Infinite Forge will also have a new look after the update. In addition to all this, raytraced sun shadows will be a part of the shooting title on Xbox Series X|S from now on. 343 Industries has also added an indicator for new customization items which identifies recently unlocked objects by a yellow triangle.

Last but not least, Halo Infinite’s season 4 patch has solved over 60 issues in the game, which includes the changes that have been made to the loading of game settings. Players are also less likely to become stuck on the loading screen during an in-progress multiplayer match from now on. Furthermore, you will be able to connect more consistently to the Halo services when launching the game after the patch downloads.

Besides some other performance improvements, these were all of the new features in the Halo Infinite season 4 update. Last month, 343 Industries released an important patch that made the Super Fiesta game mode available in both matchmaking and Custom Games. Per the patch notes, numerous fixes, new features, and other content were also part of this update which was only 5GB, unlike this humongous patch.

Halo Infinite patch notes
Halo Infinite patch notes

First up, Super Fiesta, which first appeared in the BTB Unlimited playlist in March, became part of Arena game mode. You could access it in both the Fiesta matchmaking playlist (now called Super Fiesta) and Custom Games. This version had the same rules as the regular Fiesta but with some new gameplay elements. In addition, players could now access the Customs Browser through the Play tab present in the main menu. 

These were all of the changes in this May patch and the season 4 update is now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series X.

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