Grounded’s New Patch Introduces New Boss And Secret Achievement



Story Highlights

  • Grounded receives a new boss called the Infected Broodmother with patch 1.2.2.
  • Killing the Infected Broodmother will reward players with a new secret achievement.
  • The new update also brings the new craftable Broodmother Armor set to the game.
  • The patch also brings several changes and bug fixes.

Grounded‘s latest patch 1.2.2 introduces a new boss called the Infected Broodmother. The players will also receive a new secret achievement called “Creepy Crawler,” which rewards you with 200 Gamerscore. The new boss will be available permanently and can be found hidden deep in the Haze. Additionally, the update also adds the Hedge Broodmother equipment set, an additional mutation effect, and a May Sign Set.

Obsidian’s Grounded celebrates the month of May by bringing tons of new stuff for the players. The players can now craft the Hedge Broodmother Armor Set by following the newly added recipes. The May Sign Set can also be purchased from the Science Shop in the game during the month. Furthermore, Grounded now offers multiple new buildings themed after the Infected Broodmother boss.

List of all the changes brought by the latest Grounded update.
List of all the changes brought by the latest Grounded update.

Alongside the new additions to the game, the update also brings many bug fixes and changes to Grounded. The Wasps have received some nerfs and won’t be spawning as frequently in base attacks. Wasps are also no longer immune to poison and will not heal as much as before.

With the addition of the Infected Broodmother, poison damage has seen many buffs. Most poison effects applied to the player will now last double the duration and will deal increased damage. The poison effects applied from the Broodmother set will no longer affect the player or their party members. Additionally, the poison damage gained from Spider and Widow armor sets has been increased.

Furthermore, the update also introduces crash fixes. According to the patch notes, a memory leak that caused the Grounded to crash after playing for some time has been fixed. Obsidian has also fixed a crash that would occur when the player uses the “Copy” action on a building.

That’s all the highlights from Patch 1.2.2 of Grounded. In the comment section below, let us know your thoughts and opinions about this update.

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