Grind the Bad Apples Quiz Guide

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Grind the Bad Apples is a trial part of Program 2 in The Outlast Trials. In this test, players are sent to get rid of the animatronic killer children. Read on as we go through the tasks to complete the Grind the Bad Apples trial in The Outlast Trials.

Grind the bad apples Main objective: We must eliminate children who misbehave. Take them to the “root canal”, where good children will not see that you give them a gentle correction.

The Outlast Trials: Grind the Bad Apples Trial Walkthrough

To start the Grind the Bad Apples trial, you need to infiltrate Fun Park, navigate through its rides and buildings, and enter the Root Canal ride to destroy the robot kids. There will be enemies wandering around, including Mother Gooseberry, who will come out to hunt you down once she becomes alarmed by your presence. Although you can’t do much against these enemies, you can use your abilities and your environment to outsmart them and take them off your back.

Infiltrate the amusement park

Infiltrate the Amusement Park - The Outlast Trials: Grind the Bad Apples Trial Walkthrough

You will arrive outside the Fun Park and your objective is to reach the interior of the park. Go past the buses and down the path to the right where you will find a shutter door. Raise this gate and you will be inside the park.

Get to the root canal walk

Reach the Root Canal Ride - The Outlast Trials: Grind the Bad Apples Trial Walkthrough

To get to the Root Canal ride, follow the signs to the left that will take you to the merry-go-round area. The next path with the sign will be boarded up, so head to the restaurant. Inside the restaurant, grab hearts inside the reels and throw them at the target at the top of the shutter to reach the Root Canal ride.

Gain access to the root canal walk

Get Access to the Root Canal Walkthrough - The Outlast Trials: Grind the Bad Apples Trial Walkthrough

The ride itself is still inaccessible and you’ll need to win three games first to get the tickets to go to. All of these games require you to hit three targets using the hearts in the restaurant. The problem is that you can only carry one heart at a time, so you will have to go back and forth.

Once you hit all the required goals in a game, you’ll earn a ticket; Don’t forget to claim it in the game booth. However, this will also trigger an alarm that will draw the attention of enemies in your area.

Once you have your tickets, go to the ticket booth on the Root Canal ride and turn in all your tickets to gain access to the ride.

Regroup in the root canal and activate the attraction.

Enter the door of the attraction, wait for the dialogue to finish, and then press the button.

Push the boat towards the Children’s Punishment

Push the ship towards Children's Punishment - The Outlast Trials: Grind the Bad Apples Trial Walkthrough

A cart will then appear that you have to push through the ride, but there will be barriers blocking the rails.

Turn off lock barriers

Push the cart near the barrier, then follow the wires on the barrier to locate the power sources. Eliminate the sources of energy to raise the barriers and allow you to pass. Continue pushing the cart past the barriers until you reach the top.

Raise the root canal water level again

Bring the Root Canal Water Level Back Up - The Outlast Trials: Grind the Bad Apples Trial Walkthrough

The water will dry up once you reach the top, so you’ll need to turn the water pumps back on. There are two colored tubes that you can follow to the bombs. These will be meandering throughout the ride. There are also many wheel valves that have traps if you turn them. Open the appropriate valves for each of the pipes to proceed.

Continue pushing the cart towards the grinder - The Outlast Trials: Grind the Bad Apples Trial Walkthrough

Once the water level has risen again, you can continue to push the cart towards the grinder.

return to the shuttle

At this point, the enemies will be highly alerted and will chase you. You will need to return to the shuttle and press the button to call the shuttle.

Grind the Bad Apples Completion Rewards

  • First Time Completion:
    • +1500 EXP
    • +$500
    • +$1000 for A+ qualification
  • Regular rewards:
    • random cosmetic
    • Random cell decoration
    • XP and $ based on rating

Grind the Bad Apples Poster Locations

There are four posters that can be found inside the Grind the Bad Apples trial.

  • poster #1 – This can be found inside the room to the right as soon as you infiltrate the park.
  • Poster #2 – This can be found inside a back room next to the merry-go-round.
  • poster #3 – This can be found in the building near the restaurant.
  • poster #4 – This can be found inside Pump Room B.
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