Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy Launched On Steam With Unfixed Bugs

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Rockstar has recently released Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Edition on Steam with Steam Deck support, but it looks like it still has all the bugs from the last version.

The game is already available on Steam and will hit the Epic Games Store later this month. The game is Steam Deck compatible, which means it will play flawlessly on handheld, but it seems there are still issues and it’s not from Steam Deck or PC. Everything originates from the game trilogy with all its bugs in all its glory.

All three games can now be purchased on Steam as the complete Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy or purchased individually. Rockstar Games even threw in a 50 percent discount to entice Steam users to buy, and unfortunately for those who were fooled, they got the brunt of the bugs. Grand Theft Auto 3 received mixed reviews, while the other 2 titles have mostly positive reviews.

Negative reviews are plentiful on Steam and on all three titles in the trilogy. Complaints include various bugs, poor performance, ugly images, and a lack of patches.

It seems that Grand Theft Auto the Trilogy on Steam has not been updated from its original version when it was released on PC via the Rockstar launcher.

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