Gotham Knights is rated for Nintendo Switch in Singapore.



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  • Gotham Knights is rated sixteen with advisory guidelines in Singapore for Nintendo Switch.
  • The game was initially released in 2022 to disappointing reception due to several factors, including Shadow of the Arkham Knight.

Gotham Knights According to the classification in Singapore for Nintendo Switch. ImmediatelySingapore government agency website. Based on the contents of WBThe live service outing in Gotham City has been assigned an advisory rating of 16 by Singaporean authorities, suitable for adults and older, citing depictions of violence and coarse language.

Gotham Knights IMDA Rating
Gotham Knights IMDA Rating

IMDA has said. Counseling Sixteen Guidelines allow”Realistic but not overly graphic violence with depictions of blood.” While the rating has confirmed the platform. Gotham Knights Will eventually be released in the region, no release date or official statement has been provided.

Produced by QLOC and WB Montreal, Bat Family received a disappointing reception last year. Although there were many factors that contributed to its reception, the main contributors were its poor visuals, limited FPS, the nature of the live service, and the shadow of Arkham Knight overshadowing its existence.

Gotham Knights Ended up being a step behind what WB achieved and what Rocksteady achieved with the Arkham saga. After nearly a decade of waiting, fans of the series not only received a game set in a new universe where Batman had died, but one that suffered from the pitfalls of a live service. Coupled with a product that lacked polish, the game failed to gain the same traction as the Arkham entries.

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Earlier this year, changelog data also hinted at the game possibly getting a DLC update. Coupled with speculation based on some changes within his files, fans believed that the DLC could be about Batman’s involvement in this version of Gotham City. While some claimed it was a prequel to the main story leading up to the events of the game, others believed it would be a revival of Batman, making him a playable character.

At this point, no official confirmations and statements have come out. So we advise you to take these rumors with a grain of salt.

Gotham Knights Available now. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and last-gen consoles. Read on to find out why Batman is missed. in Game

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