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Gossip Girl’s Thanksgiving Episodes, Ranked

As Blair Waldorf once said, “Thanksgiving always has secrets.” Gossip Girl he served plates full of secrets, lies, and scandals on Thanksgiving, making it a dreaded and even cursed day for the characters. This created even more exciting Christmas entertainment for fans who loved every minute of the juicy drama.

From dramatic petty fights and secrets spilled right at the dinner table to alliances formed to defeat antagonists, these episodes filled every scene with drama. A definitive classification of Gossip GirlThanksgiving episodes follow.

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“The Magnificent Archibalds” Season 2, Episode 11

The Season 2 Thanksgiving episode is pretty tame. Serena is worried about introducing her most boring boyfriend on the show, Aaron, to her overbearing friends and family. Blair is overly concerned with the secret information that her mother, Eleanor and Cyrus Rose are engaged. Dan accidentally reveals Serena’s party girl past to Aaron. The biggest reveal in the episode is that Bart Bass has dirty files on every member of the Van der Woodsen family. Oh, and Nate works with the FBI to get his father arrested after he returns to New York on the run, which is the most interesting thing to happen in a boring episode.

“Blair Waldorf Must Pie” Season 1, Episode 9gossip girl season 1

The Season 1 Thanksgiving episode sets the tone for future episodes featuring the best and worst of the series’ holiday. Fans are given a split timeline where they see Thanksgiving from the past year and the current one. In the past, major revelations about the main characters are discovered, including Blair battling an eating disorder and Dan and Serena briefly meeting before the events of the pilot episode. Also, Serena and Nate are terribly flirtatious in the past timeline even though their treacherous connection at Sheppard’s wedding hadn’t happened yet. In the present, Dan and Serena are spending their first Thanksgiving together, but unfortunately the momentous occasion is ruined when her parents’ romantic past is revealed and Blair’s eating disorder is triggered by a fight with her mother. her. As far as dramatic reveals go, there aren’t many in this debut Thanksgiving episode, making for something of a nap fest.

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“Gaslit” Season 4, Episode 10

Gossip Girl Season 4

The Season 4 Thanksgiving episode is about Serena. Master manipulator Juliet makes it look like Serena fell off the wagon and overdosed on drugs as part of her plan to avenge her brother, Ben. Concerned for Serena’s well-being, her friends and family members refer her to the Ostroff Center for treatment. Dan is the only one who believes that Serena would never overdose in a cheap motel with a bunch of pills by herself. Serena even believes that she is responsible after Gossip Girl blows up a photo of “her” doing cocaine. Everyone else thinks that Serena is back to her old party girl ways, until the end of the episode when Jenny reveals to Blair that her and Juliet’s plan to turn everyone on Serena worked too well, and the image in the Gossip Girl explosion was of Juliet in a mask. The best part of the episode occurs in the final moments when Blair and Chuck team up for one of their classic takedowns to destroy Juliet once and for all. After all, it’s not Thanksgiving without a dramatic ending.

“It’s Really Complicated” Season 6, Episode 8

Gossip Girl Season 6

The Season 6 Thanksgiving episode comes after a year-long hiatus from the Thanksgiving festivities. Serena and Dan throw their first Thanksgiving dinner together as a couple, but it’s a disaster. Blair is on a mission to break them up by hatching a plan that has Serena invite her ex, Steven, and her daughter, Sage, to Thanksgiving dinner. Chuck wallows over not being able to defeat his evil father, Bart. Dan has secretly written two versions of the next chapter of a Vanity Fair series about the group of friends, and both are about Serena. Trouble is, one article is a hit and the other is lovey-dovey prose and Georgina jumps into the festivities to make sure the right one gets published. The biggest reveal comes at the end of the episode when right in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, Dan’s episode about Serena pops up online, and it’s a hit like the others. The entire group turns on Dan, Serena leaves him, and he is brutally exiled. But in an unexpected twist, Dan explains to his father, Rufus, that everything is going according to plan as the show prepares for its final chapter with the reveal of Gossip Girl’s true identity.

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“Once Upon a Time in the High West” Season 1, Episode 7

Gossip Girl (2021) Season 1

Following the example of its predecessor, the rebooted Gossip GirlThe debut Thanksgiving episode features the best drama. Everyone has gathered at Zoya’s house for Thanksgiving, but just like in the original show, treacherous lies and shocking truths are revealed right at the table. The throuple of Max, Aki, and Audrey awkwardly reveal themselves in front of their parents. Max’s affair with the teacher Rafa is also revealed. Aki and Obie are discussing why they haven’t gotten together after Obie was outed as bisexual. Julien’s father is engaged to his much younger girlfriend and no one cares. The most brutal revelation is that Zoya discovers that her half-sister, Julien, and her boyfriend, Obie, slept together. Not to mention, all of this happens with the two teachers who run Gossip Girl sitting directly at the table with them, even though their identity is unknown to all the characters. The tradition of messy and exciting Thanksgiving episodes is alive and well in the reboot.

“Serena Madre’s Treasure” Season 3, Episode 11

Gossip Girl Season 3

Season 3 delivers the most iconic Thanksgiving episode of Gossip Girl. The truths keep coming out at the dinner table aptly set to Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say.” Serena’s short-term affair with Tripp is revealed. Blair accuses her mother of being pregnant. Dan and Vanessa fight over her conflicting romantic feelings for her. Eric and Jenny fight over the events of the cotillion that was meant to leave the nasty Jenny dateless and humiliated. Rufus learns that Lily has been lying to him for months. The most heartbreaking revelation comes at the end of the episode when Nate finally confesses to Serena about her renewed romantic feelings, but she chooses to get in a car with Tripp, who tells his wife that she wants a divorce. The drama in this episode might be some of the best in the entire series and not just in the Thanksgiving episodes.

To see all the delicious drama that unfolds in the Thanksgiving episodes, stream Gossip Girl and Gossip Girl (2021) now on HBO Max.

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