God Of War TV Series’ Producer Shuts Down Rumors Of The Rock Being Cast As Kratos



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  • Cory Barlog, Santa Monica’s Creative Director and God of War TV show’s Executive Producer has denied the rumors about The Rock being cast as Kratos in the upcoming Amazon Prime series.
  • Barlog says he hasn’t heard anything about it yet.
  • Fans have a number of suggestions for Kratos’s actor, with Christopher Judge being the most popular.

Cory Barlog, the creative director at Santa Monica Studios has responded to rumors about Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson playing Kratos in the live TV adaption of one of the most successful franchises to date, God of War. Cory officially shuts down the rumors leaving fans in a mystery about who’s gonna play the incredible Kratos from the God of War storyline.

Santa Monica’s creative director replied in the thread saying, “I have literally never heard anything about this.” Given Barlog’s connection to the God of War franchise, if he hasn’t heard anything about it, it most likely is just a rumor. He has been part of the franchise since its debut in 2005, working his way up from being an animator to writer and director, and is now confirmed to be an executive producer for the live-action adaption of 2022’s GOTY runner-up.

Moreover, the groundbreaking successes of HBO’s The Last Of Us and Netflix’s The Witcher have started to ignite more and more producers to bring beloved games to life. Amazon Studios swiftly emerged from the pack, seizing the opportunity to bring the epic God of War tale to television. The studios decided to go for a series rather than a standalone movie thanks to the franchise’s awe-inspiring massive universe.

Moving on, Kratos being the core of the game, fans have an emotional attachment to the character and have a lot to say about who should be the real Kratos. Everyone would want their favorite actor dressed as their favorite character. Over the thread about The Rock playing Kratos, fans dropped a number of names they want in Kratos’ costume.

However, since the very early announcement of the God of War TV show, fans have been loud and clear about wanting to see Christopher Judge as Kratos. Judge has been the voice actor for Kratos in the game since 2018. Judge’s performance was widely acclaimed and he won numerous awards for that as well. Anyhow, the question still remains over who will get to play the Ghost of Sparta.

More on the show, judging from the amount of information revealed yet, the show might not see your screens until 2025.

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