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God of War Ragnarök’s Kratos Comes to Life as a… Cake

A God of War Ragnarök fan brings out the sweeter side of Kratos in the form of a massive Spartan warrior cake complete with his Leviathan Axe.

Let it be known that Kratos has a sweet spot, that this god of war ragnarok prominent fan by turning Kratos into a monster-sized dessert.

The pastry chef in question is Nubia Moraes Cakes (@ArteNubia), and they shared their huge tribute on Twitter. The Ghost of Sparta’s pastel body starts from the waist up and includes the leather armor, beard, red tattoos, and muscles one would expect. On top of that, Kratos is wielding his signature weapon from the Norse saga, the Leviathan Axe. Mentioning the game’s developer, Santa Monica Studio, Moraes posed next to her creation holding her weapon of choice, a whisk. The developer retweeted the photo of the raging dessert, to which Moraes replied, “Thank you @SonySantaMonica for sharing my cake, so glad you like my art.”

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The cake joined the growing list of fan art and tributes for the God of War continuation. Cosplayer Frau Adler, or @MissSkunk on Twitter, also got a retweet from the company behind ragnarok with her Freya cosplay. Although the former Queen of the Valkyries was friends with Kratos and her son Atreus, in the first game, she seeks the blood of the titular God of War after he was forced to save her from her own son. , Baldur. This vendetta is just one of many the pair seek to resolve as they face off against Thor, Odin, and the prophesied doomsday known as Ragnarök.

The great success of God of War Ragnarök

ragnarok quickly became a huge hit with fans returning to Midgard after 2018 God of Warthe success of Features a battle-tested teenage Atreus eager to find out where he fits in as Loki in the Nine Realms. Unfortunately, this puts him on a collision course with the Aesir and their leader, the cunning Odin. Not wanting to risk the life of his son, Kratos searches for a way to prevent the doomsday prophecy and all-out war with Asgard.

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After multiple production delays, god of war ragnarok debuted to rave reviews from fans and critics alike. It received universal acclaim for its story and performances, though some felt it was somewhat bogged down by the number of characters present. It also leads The Game Awards with most nominations, with ten in total for Game of the Year, Best Game Direction, Best Narrative, Best Art Direction, Best Music and Score, Best Audio Design, two for Best Performance, Best action/adventure and Innovation. In Accessibility.

god of war ragnarok It can already be played on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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