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God of War Ragnarök’s Funniest Side-Quest Sends Kratos After a Dog Toy

god of war ragnarokThe overarching story of ‘s continues from its 2018 predecessor, tackling many high-impact themes including parenthood, destiny, and trust. These emotional beats are there from the start and are bolstered and supported by a variety of brilliant side quests, known in-game as favors. These side quests are extremely well implemented and take players on a variety of harrowing journeys through stunning landscapes. However, they are also balanced out by some more fun quests. One of the best boons, The Mysterious Orb, is given to Kratos Lunda in Freyr’s camp after completing the 6th floor quest, The Reckoning.

The dwarf smith tasks the mighty god of war with bringing back an “irreplaceable” lost orb he left along the Vanaheim River delta while fleeing from Odin’s army. When Kratos questions her about the orb, she brushes him off and simply says that he would make her extremely happy if she could return it. This request triggers Kratos’ hilarious search for one of god of war ragnarokThe most ridiculous articles.

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How to complete The Mysterious Orb and find the Lunda armor pieces

Along with the orb, Lunda mentions that he also left behind three broken pieces of armor around the Vanaheim River Delta. These are worth collecting, as Lunda can restore them for Kratos’ use. The first piece, Lunda’s Belt, is found in Noatun’s Garden, hidden in a chest behind the magically sealed door that is visible immediately after docking the ship. Players must choose the one with the diamond stamp. Fortunately, Kratos can carve these seals with his own knife, so reaching this piece is not a problem.

The next piece, Lunda’s Bracers, is found in the Cliffside Ruins. Players must turn left upon docking and scale the wall facing east. The chest is at the top. While in this location, players will need to open access to The Veiled Passage. To do so, players must go back the way they came, but instead of going back down the wall, they must jump across the pillars in the middle of the area until they are facing the chain which is hidden by red vines. Then, use the hexagonal arrows to create a path for Kratos’ chaos blades to ignite the vines and then up the chain. Players can interact with the runic seal at the top to open the path to The Veiled Passage.

Upon entering The Veiled Passage by boat, players will notice a docking station on the right once inside the long tunnel section. The Lunda Mystery Orb is easily found on the beach, right next to the blacksmithing wheel. Continuing further down the tunnel you will come to a final docking station. The immediately visible red chest houses the final piece of Lunda’s broken armor set. With all four items obtained, it’s time to head back to Lunda to complete your favors.

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Why The Mysterious Orb Is The Funniest God of War Ragnarök Side Quest

God of War Ragnarök The Mysterious Orb

Kratos is used to completing favors and quests that have huge consequences; after all, he is used to dealing with gods. Consequently, upon finding Lunda’s orb, he immediately warns his companions to “be careful. We don’t know what he does.” However, his concern is soon ridiculed when he returns the orb and discovers its true nature.

It turns out that Lunda is very grateful that her pet, Helka, now has her ball back, as it is her favorite toy to play with. Kratos seems very unamused that he was sent to pick up a dog’s toy, but his companions certainly see the funny side. Mimir jokes that “it’s a good thing you were so cautious, bro,” while another replies, “He’s right, Mimir. Show some respect. The squeaky toy could have been the death of us all.” Kratos’ annoying growls further add to the humor, as he’s clearly unimpressed and irritated at being used for such a mundane task.

Times like these are important to balance the emotionally tougher parts of god of war ragnarokThe incredible story of However, not only is this boon worth completing for its hilarious results, but pleasing Lunda in this way also means that he will restore his broken armor pieces for free, saving the player a great deal of valuable Hacksilver.

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