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God of War Ragnarök a Stag for all Seasons Walkthrough

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In God of War Ragnarök, you will revisit the kingdom of Vanaheim. Here the map will open for you, and you will have many favors and jobs to do in this region. One of these favors is for the Yggdrasil World Tree Squirrel, Ratatoskr. He needs his deer that graze and prune the tree, and you will have to find and return these four deer.

How to complete a deer for all seasons in God of War Ragnarök

To complete a stag for all seasons in God of War Ragnarök, you will need to trigger the start of the Favour after having completed the Favour to get Birgir back to safety. The location of the first Deer to start the Favor will be after you clear the arena with the dragon. the crimson dread.

  • Once you’ve dropped off the ledge after finishing your quest, look to your left and you’ll see the The Cocky Squirrel and the Winter Stag standing at the water’s edge.
  • Talk to the cocky squirrel, and he will send you to talk to Ratatoskr in Sindri’s house.
  • Go through the mystic gate and return to Sindri’s house.
  • Talk to Ratatoskr for throwing your ax in his wind chime.
  • Ratatoskr will tell you to find the four Deer by luring them with food, back to the World Tree.
  • Collect all four deer in Vanaheim.
  • Return to Ratatoskr to claim the Rönd of Disruption Shield Attachment and the deer’s favor for all seasons will be complete.

Where to find the four deer in God of War Ragnarök

There are four Stags to return to Ratatoskr in God of War Ragnarök, and you can find all of them in Vanaheim in the Crater area. Below are the locations of each deer on our map.

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Where to find the winter deer

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The Winter Stag can be found near the Mystic Gateway towards the water’s edge near the frozen ray in the plains. This is the same Deer that you met at the beginning of the Favor.

Where to find the Spring Stag

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The Spring Stag’s location will not appear on your map. You can find this Deer on the top level of the wishing well. You can get to the Wishing Well using two entrances, one entrance goes through The Sinkholes region and one through The Jungle.

Where to find the Summer Stag

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The summer deer can be found in the jungle region. You will have to kill the ogres that protect the island, and once you have cleared the island, you will have to return to the Celestial Alter to change to the day and be able to go through the two headed snake bridge and turn to the other side. You’ll find the Summer Stag further down the road.

Where to find the autumn deer

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The Autumn Stag is found in the first Mystic Gateway you unlock in The Sumideros region. Look northeast after leaving Mystic Gateway, and you’ll see the deer grazing on the riverbank.

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