God Of War Dev Says A Bloodborne Remake/Remaster Is In Development



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  • David Jaffe, the creator of God of War, has revealed hearing from a reputable source that a Bloodborne remake or remaster is currently in development.
  • Though an official announcement has yet to be made, sources suggest that the news may be coming sooner than later. Nevertheless, whether the announcement will occur during the upcoming Sony showcase is unclear.
  • David Jaffe made it crystal clear that his knowledge on this matter is limited solely to what he has been told by his source, whom he commended for never being wrong about these things.
  • In addition, he does not know the nature of this project, including whether this will be a remaster or a remake and whether it will be for PC or not.

In a recent YouTube stream, David Jaffe, the creator of God of War, revealed that he had received information regarding the development of a Bloodborne remake or remaster. According to his sources, the announcement for the remake or remaster should be made sooner or later. However, whether the announcement will be made during the upcoming Sony showcase remains unclear. Skip to 53:20 ahead to catch Jaffe in action. 

The rumors of a Bloodborne remake or remaster have been brewing in the shadows for a long time and even become a meme in the FromSoftware community. Consequently, when Jaffe brushed upon this topic, people started asking many questions regarding the project and whether it would be a remake or a remaster. Jaffe made it clear that since he is not involved with the project, he doesn’t know that much.

Unfortunately, the situation spiraled out of control, forcing him to clear up some misinformation in his tweet. He repeatedly said that he doesn’t know the specifics and that the things he stated were solely derived from a reliable source with an impeccable track record of insider knowledge. Even the announcement’s timing remains unknown, with Jaffe’s source indicating that it is expected “sooner than later.”

Bloodborne enthusiasts may find some comfort in these rumors, but remember that it is best to wait for Sony’s announcement since we don’t even know what platforms it will be for. In the meantime, perhaps this free camera mod for Bloodborne is your sign of returning to Yharnam and enjoying its soothing horrors and the gothic Victorian-era setting from whole new perspectives. 

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