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Glass Onion & 9 Other Cozy Mysteries To Watch Over The Holidays

The mystery genre is such a rewarding style of filmmaking, especially when the movies correctly present their clues so that audiences can play detective along with the characters. by Rian Johnson knives out helped reinvent the classic whodunit in the style of Agatha Christie and it’s exciting to see Daniel Craig return to his character as Benoit Blanc in glass onion.

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Mysteries can cover a wide range of extremes and it’s not uncommon for them to also be tense thrillers with outlandish body counts. However, there is also a special brand of mystery that celebrates a cozy and intimate atmosphere where the chemistry between the characters is as important as any irrefutable evidence.

10/10 The second chapter in a growing mystery series shows how a murder attacks a tech mogul

glass onion

by Rian Johnson knives out it was heralded as a triumph in all departments, but also as one of the best mysteries to come out in years. glass onion is the first of at least two additional mysteries set in the knives out universe, which follows Daniel Craig’s detective Benoit Blanc.

Against all odds, glass onion seems to top its predecessor with its tight-knit murder mystery that takes place during a billionaire’s coastal getaway. Murder might be on the menu, but glass onion it still manages a laid-back, light-hearted atmosphere, courtesy of Johnson’s top-notch cast.

9/10 Sherlock Holmes meets his partner with his younger sister

Enola Holmes

There is no shortage of plucky teenage detectives among Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, but Enola Holmes attempts to breathe new life into one of literature’s greatest investigators, Sherlock Holmes. Strange things standout Millie Bobby Brown stars as Sherlock Holmes’s younger sister, Enola, who is passionate about solving mysteries and preserving justice.

by Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes the movies are not what many would consider cozy, but the Enola Holmes the movies fit the bill. With one Enola Holmes sequel already complete, it is very possible that both this and knives out become Netflix’s modern mystery franchises for years to come.

8/10 The perfect life is full of extreme surprises

a simple favor

by Paul Feig a simple favor pits Anna Kendrick against Blake Lively in a tonally perfect genre exercise that encompasses the energy of a brilliant, flowery Lifetime movie. Kendrick’s Stephanie falls for the seemingly perfect Emily from Lively.

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However, when Emily goes missing, it sends Stephanie down a rabbit hole of secrets and lies that reveal the real person beneath her carefully cultivated facade. a simple favor it’s full of twists and turns that cleverly get ahead of its audience, all while creating a cozy energy that’s perfect for a rainy afternoon.

7/10 An evening with friends turns into a fight for freedom

Game night

The R-rated comedy is an increasingly rare sight in movie theaters. These kinds of movies struggle to find an audience, but 2018’s Game night it is proof that it can still be done well.

Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams and Lamorne Morris are just a few of the hilarious characters in this over-the-top story where an actual murder mystery invades an innocent game night and everyone thinks it’s just part of the festivities. Game night it weaves together a genuinely strong mystery, but it’s also one of the most welcoming movies of its kind. It makes the audience feel like they are one of the participants in this terrifying game night.

6/10 Unscrupulous magicians pull off a masterful heist

Now you see Me

Now you see Me combines the mystery genre with an action blockbuster by turning contrasting styles of magicians, illusionists and mentalists into borderline superheroes. The skills of these magicians are used to pull off elaborate heists, all while a complex mystery is tied to these unique crimes.

now you see me 2 It takes the chaos of the first movie to grander levels with even more celebrities added to the cast. This will likely reach its apex if the long-rumored third entry in the series finally comes to pass.

5/10 An Agatha Christie classic takes on a life of its own

See how they work

See how they work is a 2022 mystery film that largely went unnoticed by audiences, but it’s the perfect appetizer for a knives out Double feature. Set in the 1950s, the whodunit centers on the murder of a crew member in the Agatha Christie production, The Mousetrap.

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See how they work he gets involved in some delicious meta-territory as the crime in question mirrors the very plot of the play they are trying to make into a movie. This smart, self-aware backbone, plus hilarious performances, helps See how they work succeed.

4/10 Dueling magicians turn an onstage rivalry into a complex conspiracy

The prestige

Christopher Nolan is a visionary director whose name is practically a genre unto itself. Nolan’s dark Knight trilogy reinvented superhero cinema, and the filmmaker has similarly pushed science fiction forward through movies like Beginning Y Beginning.

The prestige is set in late 19th century London when two accomplished stage magicians battle for supremacy. There is much that is under examination in The prestige, but Nolan brilliantly structures the film like a magic trick that fools his audience. However, the movie then surprises the audience with the gigantic answer to the mystery that has been in front of them all along.

3/10 Jon Hamm passionately resurrects a clumsy rubber shoe

Confess, Fletch

the Arrow The detective franchise began as a series of novels before becoming two broad Chevy Chase comedies during the 1980s. More than three decades later, this character returns in Confess, Fletch, played by Crazy menThe gregarious Jon Hamm.

Confess, Fletch it’s considerably more welcoming and understated than its 1980s predecessors. Jon Hamm’s eclectic performance is a perfect fit for Fletch as he tries to clear his name for a murder he didn’t commit. Fletch finds himself embroiled in a mystery rocking the professional art world, one that is crucial to the conspiracy that frames him.

2/10 The rich one percent buy more than they bargained for once a murder materializes

the last of sheila

1973 Sheila’s Last is an offbeat mystery masterpiece written by Stephen Sondheim and PsychopathIt’s Anthony Perkins. A group of wealthy socialites engage in an all-out treasure hunt that is soon revealed to be the pretext for far more sinister circumstances.

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Sheila’s LastThe diverse cast of characters ensures that the film never lags behind and the central mystery culminates in a surprising and deeply satisfying resolution. Sheila’s Last It doesn’t have the same recognition as an Agatha Christie classic, but it was a great inspiration for Rian Johnson’s creation. knives out and it is likely that there is still some of his DNA left in glass onionalso.

1/10 Blackmail brings forth a comic farce

Key code

There has been a growing reliance on feature films that can turn a simple board game or children’s toy into an engaging piece of cinema, but Key code was way ahead of the curve with this suave 1980s mystery-comedy. Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd and Martin Mull lead a cast of cartoons who are all blackmailed into meeting in a bewildering mansion, only to find out reveal that a murderer is among them.

Key codeThe mystery elements of remain, and its decision to feature multiple endings that aired in different theaters remains groundbreaking. The film’s hilarious comedy ensures that she stays comfortable despite the dead body.

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