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Ghostwire Tokyo Devs Got Early Advantage of DualSense Controller Creating Immersive Gameplay

Game Director Kenji Kimura reveals the key for Tango Gameworks to create the right immersive gameplay of Ghostwire Tokyo with the DualSense controller.

Ghostwire Tokyo DualSense Features Made It PS5 Exclusive

Kimura spoke with media outlet Siliconera speaking about Japanese yokai, city legends, and the event of their newest and widespread sport Ghostwire Tokyo. They mentioned the key of getting that good immersive gameplay that gamers skilled whereas taking part in the sport with the DualSense controller. It was so immersive that gamers would really feel as if KK, the entity accompanying protagonist Akito, was “surrounding you.”

The director revealed this function was truly added through the improvement of the sport in the direction of the center of it. They truly had labored on creating the entity KK and amongst different mechanics like ethereal weaving pictures and core grabbing mechanics earlier than the sport change into a PS5 console unique.

The secret was truly getting their arms on the dev kits and early model of the DualSense controller. When they tried the sport out, they knew that the controller’s performance would work on the sport completely. “—we were amazed by how great of a fit the DualSense controller functionality was for the game experience we were trying to make,” stated Kimura.

From there, it simply clicked for them. They had been in a position to match the mechanic of entity KK and make it an immersive expertise for everybody with the DualSense controller. It solely made sense to make the sport a PS5 console unique because it actually took benefit of the DualSense controllers’ options.

Ghostwire Tokyo Got Accessibility Options Due to Co-Workers

Kimura additionally defined the explanation for Ghostwire Tokyo getting accessibility choices. The fundamental motive was to achieve out to a wider viewers and make everybody benefit from the gameplay in order that they might not be restricted. They needed to make different components of the sport accessible for everybody. They truly had staff members that had been barely coloration blind and others that bought dizzy with fast digicam turns and twists. In order to make it playable for them, they requested for assist and assist from the staff and in addition from Microsoft in order that they may implement these accessibility choices.

Ghostwire Tokyo is now out there on PS5 and PC.

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