Ghost Wire: Tokyo has surpassed 6 million players.



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  • Tango Gameworks has announced that Ghost Wire: Tokyo has recently crossed over 6 million players.
  • The game was released on the Xbox Series X|S and was included in Xbox Game Pass in April 2023.
  • Fans are excited for more DLC content or a possible sequel later on.

Tango Gameworks, the dev team behind Ghost Wire: Tokyo, has just announced that the game is out now. 6 million players. They X shared a photo. To commemorate the occasion. In their post, the team said that while they have plenty of gamers playing, it won’t make the streets of Ghost Wire: Tokyo, any less haunted. Devs too He thanked all his fans. who have supported him so far.

Ghostwire: Tokyo has continued to grow in popularity since its release. PlayStation 5 And the PC, back inside March 2022. In April 2023, followed by one Xbox Series X|S release, also available through Xbox Game Pass. In June, the sport soon crossed over. 5 million players. And it’s clear that with six million players now, it’s trending upwards.

Fans congratulated Tango Gameworks. On success, sharing And how many people are needed? to play the game. He specifically mentioned sports. Awe-inspiring environments and quests. Another aspect of the game that caught the attention of fans was the portrayal of Shibuya. Ghostwire: Tokyo portrays the city as a dark and haunted place, Ready to search.

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Of course, with this announcement, some fans are already hoping for more content coming their way. An X user There is already more DLC content on their mind. But others are hoping that a full sequel is in the works. Given the success of the game, It wouldn’t be out of the question at all. However, until now, Tango Gameworks It is yet to be officially confirmed. If they are working on one.

That said, despite its impressive numbers, some have pointed out that the reason it’s gaining traction may simply be because It is available on Xbox Game Pass.. Furthermore, while some people described the game as fun, they can’t help but deny that it is one. A little plain and bare-bones. Either way, it’s clear that Tango Gameworks considers it an accomplishment.

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