Genshin Impact suggests the possible weapon and element of Lake Q.



Before the possible big reveal, a new Genshin effect Leak A potential element and weapon of an upcoming new character may have been revealed.

An upcoming playable character, Kaveh, is rumored to be released in the next few updates. He is from the Dendro region and was introduced during the story of version 3.2. He is al-Haytham’s roommate and the architect behind the creation of the palace of the Alcazar. Other than this new leak, no other details have been released yet.

Well-known Genshin Impact leaker SpendYourPrimos revealed both Kaveh’s element and weapon. He is said to be a dendro claymore user, which would make him the first clay user with a dendro element, if the leak is to be believed.

The leaker admitted that there are currently no reliable leaks or data indicating its imminent release at this time. Others speculate that it will be added in update 3.6 along with Baizhu.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices.



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