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Core points of Gamers

Genshin Impact leak reveals the Inazuma Teyvat Travel Guide, that includes the Inazuma solid’s childhood encounters with Alice

A current leak by Project Celestia revealed the contents of the Inazuma subject of the Teyvat Travel Guide, {a magazine} revealed by the Adventurer’s Guild. It’s authored by the legendary adventurer, Alice, who additionally occurs to be Klee’s mom. While the Monstadt and Liyue points have been round for a very long time, the Inazuma subject wasn’t launched alongside the nation of eternity.

However, the brand new leak means that the Teyvat Travel Guide Vol. 3 might launch in Version 2.7. It covers Alice’s expertise touring round Inazuma—wreaking havoc, as at all times. Some notable occasions embrace:

  • Alice used to make Yae cry when the latter was a baby.
  • Alice and Yoimiya get alongside very well—particularly the place explosives are involved.
  • Alice as soon as unintentionally blew up the “Imperial Kitchen” (presumably the Yashiro Commission’s or the Tenshukaku’s), injuring Kujou Sara’s left wing to the purpose the place she wanted a complete month to get well.
  • Kamisato Ayaka refused Alice’s invitation to hitch her idol group six instances.
  • Alice modified the Mikage Furnace in Tatarasuna to forestall it from overheating, an occasion that transpired earlier than Xavier took over throughout the Tatara Tales World Quest.
  • Alice tried to seize Neko within the Asase Shrine with a specially-crafted cage, however a shrine maiden (presumably Hibiki) stopped the catnapping in time.

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Alice is among the sport’s most mysterious characters who has been talked about loads of instances, however has but to make an look. She’s infamous for inflicting bother wherever she goes—a trait that was handed onto Klee. She boasts a powerful buddy group, having been pals with the alchemist Rhinedottir and Mona’s grasp. She was additionally an elder within the Hexenzirkel, a bunch of witches that conducts Irminsul explorations on some days, and gathers round for tea on different days.

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