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Furiosa Star Anya Taylor-Joy Did Her Own Stunt Driving

in the next Mad Mad: Fury Road prequel movie, furiousstar Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays the lead Imperator Furiosa, did her own stunts despite not having a license.

“Actually I don’t have a license, so I can’t drive,” the actor said in an interview with indiewire. “I can’t on a freeway, I can’t parallel park, but if you need me to do a juicy 180 in a truck, I can do it and not hit the camera people, which is great.” He added that he hopes to eventually “be in one place long enough to get a driver’s license.” She added: “But in terms of the first cars, I think I’m pretty spoiled for the fact that they were built by the Mad Max art department.”

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The actor also added that the process of getting his license would be crazy for a driving instructor, because “all I know how to do is drive crazy stunts.” He continued: “I’m planning on getting my stunt driver certificate… so I can drive all my time in all the movies, which would be great. But I fear for the poor.” [person] that’s taking the test with me, because gentle, I’m not.”

Taylor-Joy may need to put her stunt driving career on hold for the foreseeable future, as she furious officially wrapped filming in October. The actress announced the end of the film via Instagram, shared a series of photos of BTS, and called the cast and crew “the funniest, most resilient, and most talented” she’s ever worked with. “Thank you for making me stronger than I ever thought I could be,” she added.

Furiosa is a spin-off full of stunts

furiousThe official synopsis for hints that it will be full of action and stunts on the road. The film is set to see Furiosa after she is “snatched from the Green Place” by the warlord Dr. Dementus (Chris Hemsworth) before the events of 2015. Mad Max: Fury Roadand forced to travel across the dangerous wasteland as Dementus and The Immortan Joe in “war for dominance”.

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Photos of Taylor-Joy working on the film were released in August and showed the actress looking unrecognizable with her blonde hair dyed brown and her face covered in dirt and mud. She’s not the only actress who underwent a major transformation for the film. Set photos of Hemsworth, best known for his role as Marvel Studios’ Thor, showed the actor with long red hair and a beard, a substantial change from his usual blond mane.

Hemsworth recently spoke about his role as Dr. Dementus in the film, calling the character “a very complicated and somewhat evil individual.” The actor also revealed that his time working on the production was very positive, explaining that director George Miller is “kind, collaborative and interesting.”

furious hits theaters on May 24, 2024.

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