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Funko Recreates Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in Hollywood

As it enters only its second weekend in theaters, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It has already broken records. Along with the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie comes a host of merchandise celebrating Black Panther, the Wakandan royal family, Namor and others, with Funko and Loungefly releasing new merchandise honoring them. wakandan forever. To celebrate this new line and the latest Black Panther movie, Funko Hollywood presents an activation for wakandan forever through November 28, 2022, bringing with it more than just new backpacks and figures to purchase.

Upon entering the store, the public is greeted by life-size Funkos of Black Panther, Shuri and Okoye in a recreation of the Wakanda Falls. While this has been at Funko Hollywood for some time, the display is still impressive, and is now joined by costumes worn by Aneka (Michaela Coel), Attuma (Alex Livinalli) and Riri (Dominique Thorne), with Aneka standing out in particular. how he feels straight out of the comics.

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Along with that, preview guests were treated to a special Q&A session. Funko spoke with Kyana F. Davidson, head of production and development at Marvel Studios, whose first MCU film was black widow. At the event, Nikki Leacock, Funko Hollywood Sales, Operations and Special Events Supervisor, asked what stands out about working with Marvel, and Davidson reflected on how the variety of MCU storylines makes it unique.

“I worked in black widowDavidson recalled, “and I think it was a very interesting film to work on because it was a spy thriller and, at its core, it was about Natasha being reintroduced into her spy family and dealing with her past. Davidson continued: “I think [Wakanda Forever] he had to face a kind of huge and emotional tribute. I think, in essence, he had to deal with pain, which was something a lot of people can relate to, so I think the two movies are very different in their own right but very powerful.”

Davidson also recalled how Marvel’s visual development team helped bring comics to life on the big screen. For example, Aneka’s costume pays homage to the Midnight Angels of Wakanda world. This is also a testament to the team’s work with Ruth Carter, costume designer for Black Panther Y wakandan forever. “[Carter] I really delved into what the culture of both worlds is, and it shows in the costumes,” said Davidson. “The attention to detail in these costumes [goes] such a long road because it really tells the story of each character. We have characters from all walks of life, so it really enhances it in a great way.”

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Along with footage from the film, Davidson talked about what is at the core of wakandan forever it is, and it boils down to issues of mourning. wakandan forever it sees the royal family dealing with the loss of T’Challa while also dealing with Namor and his forces. Along with that, what caught Davidson’s attention the most was the world building.

“We also had the chance to immerse ourselves in two cultures,” Davidson said. “In the first movie, we introduced audiences to this world of Wakanda, but in this movie, we introduced audiences to the world of Talokan. I think those two things are stories that happen simultaneously, but it’s something that people can really understand. You get the action, you get the comedy, but you also get the emotional core of the movie.”

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Along with this look at wakandan forever with Davidson, guests got a better look at some of the newest products from Funko and Loungefly. The Pops, in particular, are notable as the attention to detail captures the work of Carter and his team in the locker room. Although it’s not out yet The next figure of Namor feels particularly regal with his headdress, delivering a Pop worthy of the underwater king.

Loungefly backpacks also capture the Wakanda Forever wardrobe, with the Okoyo-inspired backpack showcasing the warm colors and patterns of the Dora Milaje. Meanwhile, the Black Panther Head Backpack is stylish with its geometric design and provides a decent amount of carrying space. There is much to enjoy with the activation and the new line while you celebrate wakandan foreverThe legacy and success of .

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