Full details for PS Plus subscribers


Following the debut of the revamped PlayStation Plus more than a year ago, Sony has witnessed strong engagement from its gaming community. Fans have expressed immense enthusiasm for the game catalog offerings and the integration of new trophies in classics like The Legend of Dragoon and Siphon Filter.

He Focus turns to cloud streaming for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers and their PS5. From this month, Cloud streaming will begin for specific PS5 titles available in the PlayStation Plus game catalog and game trials..

Images credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment // Insomniac Games

PS5 games The game lineup will include Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ghost of Tsushima, Mortal Kombat 11 and more. much more besides testing games like Hogwarts Legacy.

Additionally, PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers get the following benefits when using the PS5 cloud streaming service:

  • High quality resolution options from 720p to 4K, with 60 FPS and SDR/HDR output.
  • DLC and in-game purchases
  • improved audio
  • Take screenshots of the game and record up to 3 minutes of video.

Given the magnitude of this launch, Sony intends to adopt a phased regional launch strategy. The projected Local release dates include Japan on October 17, Europe on October 23, and North America on October 30..

Currently, the cloud streaming benefit through PlayStation Plus Premium is available in many countries on all continents, from Europe to North America and Japan.

Sony anticipates that this innovative streaming feature, seamlessly integrated into the PlayStation Plus Premium membership, will enhance the gaming experience for players. They assure the gaming community of their commitment to perfecting the features and privileges of PlayStation Plus for the foreseeable future.

In recent news, Sony announced the newest games added to its catalog of games and classics for PlayStation Plus Preimum and Extra subscribers.


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