FromSoft Modders have ported Armored Core 6 Maps to Elden Ring.



Highlights of the story

  • A FromSoft data miner has ported Armored Corps 6 maps directly to Alden Ring.
  • He uploaded a video of him flying through the maps on YouTube.
  • Fans have enjoyed discussing the large size difference between the two titles.

After last week’s events, When a FromSoft data miner ported the Iceworm boss. Straight from Armored Core 6 in Alden Ring, another player continued Blur the lines between two topics.. recently, Leaveanother data miner, and modder, shared a video of them adding Armored Corps 6 in the map Alden Ring. Video has been exceeded. A million thoughts In just a few days.

The video shows Dropoff flying across the landscape of FromSoft’s new mecha action game as Neech is spotted. As moderators had previously discovered, Alden Ring and Armored Core 6 are built on the same engine.. This makes it very easy to add different items and assets from one game to another. Furthermore, The two games are on the same scale..

Tarnished because of it Retains their original size In World of Armored Corps 6. However, due to how large the maps are to accommodate these large flying mechs, it makes sense why the player character of Alden Ring. It may seem poor in comparison.. The drop-off showed an aerial view of the maps to give players a glimpse of what the scale of both games really looks like.

A vile taint in the world of Armored Corps 6.  (Source: Drop Off)
A vile taint in the world of Armored Corps 6. (Source: Drop Off)

The players had to be praised. A ton of details That they might have lost during their playthrough. After all, with Intense Action AC 6 Granted, it’s no wonder that all these little complications get blurred. This is worth noting. This is not the first time Drop Off has attempted something similar. First, they ported Devil’s Soul Map Also in Alden Ring. Why? Well, why not?

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From Soft Fans were quite impressed with what Drop Off was able to do. It’s especially fun to compare. The sheer size difference Between the two titles. For example, the previously mentioned Ice Worm is about a third the size of the Aird Tree, a landmark so large that you can see it from almost everywhere in the Alden Ring. Also, even though there are no humans in AC 6, everything is still designed with. A person’s measure in mind.

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