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From Cloverfield to Fringe, JJ Abrams Created a Multiverse With Slusho

JJ Abrams is known for connecting his projects with little easter eggs, tributes, and references. Of Lost a clover field Y star trek a Stripe, there was an element that connected all of them in the most peculiar way: the Slusho drink. While its use eventually died down in recent years, Slusho appeared in a limited number of projects, leaving other traces of a silly multiverse idea that could blow the viewer away.

Abrams found various ways to reference and place Easter eggs in his projects, but the Slusho drink definitely stood out as it began to be referenced from time to time. One of the television programs in which Slusho stood out the most was Heroes, the hit NBC series that suffered a premature end. Kristen Bell and several other actors were seen slurping down the tasty treat on screen. Although Abrams was not attached to this project, his partner Jesse Alexander served as a producer, a role he shared with Abrams on both. Alias Y Lost. Plus, Heroes stars Greg Grunberg, the director’s childhood friend who finds his way into most of Abrams’ projects.

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Slusho had a prominent role in Cloverfield

It was during Alias that Slusho made his first appearance, right in Season 1, Episode 2, “So It Begins”. The series, created by JJ Abrams and featuring Grunberg in a supporting role, featured Slusho, then called Slush-O, in the background. He eventually dropped the hyphen and developed a more modern logo. Heroes Brought the drink into the internet debate, but it was in the movie clover field that really caught everyone’s attention. It’s not that the drink itself appears in the movie, as it’s only referenced on one of the character’s T-shirts and in a TV ad playing in a store, but because the movie had a huge viral promo campaign behind that.

The campaign implied that Rob, the protagonist, would be moving to Japan due to a job offer as vice president of the Slusho corporation in Japan, Tagruato. That backstory lent some outside relevance to what happened in the film, suggesting that the deep-sea drilling required to obtain one of Slusho’s flavor ingredients ultimately awakened a monster that then invaded New York. clover field never addresses this directly, but the found footage film begins with text and a logo explaining its content. The logo, however, would look familiar to fans of another famous show.

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How Slusho Unites JJ Abrams’ Projects

Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in Star Trek Beyond

Lost it remains one of Abrams’ most popular television projects, even if it did have some storytelling issues. The show introduced the DHARMA Initiative, a research project with a highly recognizable logo that plays an important role in the series. The logo that appears in the first seconds of clover field, identifying where the tape that followed came from, could connect both projects. However, it would seem exaggerated. However, Abrams referenced the drink in another far-off film: star trek. When Uhura was offered a Slusho at a bar in the movie, she raised more eyebrows. But the references did not stop there. When Kirk and the other cadets were leaving on their first mission into space, they flew through the skies of futuristic San Francisco, and a building had the logo of the Tagruato corporation, the same one that clover field.

Connecting all these dots was Stripe. Abrams’ famous TV show offered a conclusion to the Slusho mystery. Today, the public is already familiar with the concept of the multiverse and alternate realities, but Stripe I arrived very early. In the show, which featured many references to slusho drinks, a team of scientists discovered ways to travel to alternate realities. If one stretches this theory far enough, one could argue that all of these Abrams projects are part of the same multiverse, bound together by Slusho and his Tagruato corporation.

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