Free Pursuit Walkthrough – Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn DLC


Free from persecution It is the fourth main mission of Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn. After defeating the enemy and sealing the mausoleum, Shionne and Alphen return to Niez to report on their mission.

Read on as we progress through the events of Free From Pursuit in Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn and share some tips on how to complete each of the mission objectives.

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Return to Niez and report to Baephon.

Back in the hallway, take the teleporter in front of you, go through the main door of the mausoleum, and then fast travel back to Niez. Follow the marker leading to the Dark Wings HQ to tell Baephon about your success with the mausoleum.

Go to Viscint

Since Nazamil will not be safe if she stays in Niez, the group decided to take her to Viscint. Follow the sign north of Niez to reach Viscint.

Look around Viscint

Take the time to explore the city and unlock the inn waypoint. Then, follow the marker southwest to find Renan and Dahnan talking to each other.

Meet Drashin

Go to the Autelina Palace to the east and talk to Drashin. He will help Nazamil prepare a room in the palace where she can live.

Take Nazamil to the noble room of the palace.

From the entrance plaza, take the stairs to reach the second floor. Then, follow the marker to where the noble room is.

Kill time in the garden on the first floor of the palace

Since the room is still being prepared, return to the first floor and go to the garden to pass the time.

Take Nazamil to the noble room.

After the cutscene, return to the noble room to drop off Nazamil.

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