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Frank Miller Presents Ancient Enemies #1

Dan DiDio and Danilo Beyruth explode out of the gates with Frank Miller Presents’ Ancient Enemies #1, a story that has something more to say.

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    ancient enemies #1

    dan diodio

    Danilo Beyruth

    Carlos M. Flail

    Cover artist:
    Danilo Beyruth

    Frank Miller Presents


    Release date:

    alex sinclair

As one of the founding members of Frank Miller Presents, writer and former DC editor Dan DiDio also gets the chance to bring his latest comic book creations to life. Written and edited by DiDio, drawn by Danilo Beyruth, colored by Alex Sinclair and lettered by Carlos M. Mangual, ancient enemies #1 is an explosive new series that aims to surprise and provoke at the same time. The first issue sets the stage for an intriguing story that has several levels of meaning to navigate.

Earth has been caught up in a fight between two alien races. There were heavy casualties when these factions first fought. The world tries to rebuild and create a new way of life. However, with the opportunity to create a more equal society and a better tomorrow for all, humanity falls into the same traps as before, dividing society into rich and poor.

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As the story begins, it feels like another post-apocalyptic tale and a reconstruction of America in the same vein as Image Comics. unknown country, but it quickly reveals itself to be a superhero story with something important to say. In fact, it could be the common people, not the superiors, who can make the difference here.

Weather ancient enemies #1 is pitched as a story about warring alien races, it’s more than that. The biggest theme here is the class war between the cities of Citadel and Americana and how it is a boiling cauldron ready to explode. DiDio delves into uncomfortable and pertinent territory here. It explores the sometimes callous and indifferent human nature when it comes to social issues, as people hide behind bureaucracy as an excuse for inaction. The arguments between Rosemary and Morrigan run deep and act as stark reminders of how people fail each other.

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Ancient enemies-1

Danilo Beyruth already has an impressive body of work with series like the amazing gwenpool Y Deadpool vs. Gambit. But after this issue, the Big Two will be going around trying to secure their services. His detailed designs and exemplary use of negative space are sure to leave an impression. There’s a subtle futuristic aspect to the book, but it also knows when to up the ante and dive into the full-blown superheroes in the artwork. Similarly, Sinclair deserves a great deal of praise for the bold, vibrant colors that electrify the pages and help the reader notice the differences between the two cities and opposing aliens. Mangual’s masterful lyric effort illuminates the action with stunning sound effects.

That’s two wins out of two for Frank Miller Presents with ancient enemies #1. It may seem like a traditional cape affair with an alien influence, but it’s clear there’s more to this story than meets the eye. The first issue is a real firecracker with a powerful and resonant message that sets an extremely high bar for the rest of the series.

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