Forza Motorsport’s update 1.0 rollout. Adjusts the development and stability of the car.


Highlights of the story

  • The inaugural update for the live service title, Forza Motorsport is now live. The update aims to fix a range of general and specific issues.
  • Notably, the devs have now improved the progression system by speeding up car updates. The patch also brings crash scenarios and graphical improvements to the game.
  • The hotfix fixes several multiplayer bugs while also overhauling certain car models for smoother gameplay..

Turn 10. Studios has released the inaugural patch for Forza Motorsport. Update 1.0 Fixed several issues reported since launch, esp Car development system in Builders Cup Mode. Available at Xbox Series X| S and PC, this update includes various platform-specific fixes for the game’s stability, graphics, and physics. Forza Motorsport has received Mixed reviews From players among a range of exciting new features.

The most prominent fix in Update 1.0 is the improvement of the car progression system. Forza Motorsport introduced a new way to upgrade cars. Builders Cup mode. For upgraded car parts, players earn car points attached to any vehicle instead of earning credits. Despite this being an advanced strategy, players reported that it was taking. Too long to open car parts..

Forza Motorsport Update 1.0 Patch Notes

With the latest update, the development has been greatly accelerated. According to the patch notes, “Most car parts should now be open in the same Builders Cup series.” Moreover, players will now be able to unlock cars upon reaching level 50. Specific reward discounts When intended. At the end of this section there is a fixed issue that caused Xbox Series X

with reference to Improved stabilityFixed crash scenarios for all modes. More specific fixes include crashes after upgrading a car in Builders Cup Career mode. Grand Oak Club Circuit Cinemaand upon entering a Free Play Race. Between graphics, fixed the issue that caused a See “Washed.” For Xbox Series X|S players when exiting the video menu.

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In multiplayer, a bug was allowing players to post impossible lap times. Qualifying Leaderboard has been taken care of. Problems with Matchmaking Fixed using incorrect safety ratings and driver skill ratings. Additionally, the driver will now easily regain control of the vehicle when exiting potholes. Featured multiplayer And start a solo race. Private multiplayer Will now allow players to download another player’s livery.

Forza Motorsport was launched after years of anticipation, and despite numerous delays it failed to live up to expectations. disappointed The Forza community criticized the title’s live service model, calling it “half-baked”. That said, Microsoft has announced addressing player feedback and criticism. Years of support For a racing feel. The aforementioned update is just the initial step in what promises to be an evolutionary journey for the title.

Forza Motorsport was released. 10 October 2023on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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