Fortnite Is Bringing A Mario Kart-Inspired Racing Mode, Claims Leaker


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  • Fortnite is rumored to add a racing mode in the future, as found via datamining over the months by a leaker. The racing mode will have mechanics akin to the familiar Mario Kart venture.
  • It will allegedly be a unique multiplayer experience with a big selection of vehicles to choose from. Rocket’s League Octane Vehicle is rumored to be included in the mode, but no other cars are known.
  • The racing mode will feature elements like car collision and destruction. The terrain types will also have an effect on the vehicle’s speed and handling. The mud may cause the vehicle to slide, for instance.
  • We suggest taking the rumor with a grain of salt. The Fortnite devs have not affirmed any of the fables, but we may hear from them in the future. The mode may be unveiled with the Chapter 5 reveal.

Per a brewing rumor in the Fortnite community, the game is soon getting a Mario Kart-inspired racing mode. Players will be able to race with each other in a unique multiplayer setting with a diverse selection of unlockable vehicles. The leaker @NotJulesDev has dug out the details for the racing mode through datamining over the months. The credible Fortnite insider HypeX has encapsulated all the tidbits from the original leaker.

Much of the mechanics found in the Mario Kart games will be added in the upcoming racing mode. The datamined info indicated that the cars will be impacted by the terrain around them. For instance, elements like sand and ice will likely impede the speed and control of the karts in the new Mario Kart-esque Fortnite racing mode, while asphalt may even increase it.

Additionally, the vehicles will be controllable mid-air for more versatility, allowing players to perform tricks and even reach “Supersonic Speed.” The other features in the rumored Fortnite racing mode include an Oversteer mechanic and the ability to accelerate during the countdown to gain an advantage in speed when the race starts. 

The racing mode is set to possess features like car demolition if a collision occurs and a boost for drifting like seen in Mario Kart games. Rocket’s League Octane Vehicle is rumored to be included in the mode, but no info on other vehicles is known. 

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Alongside the rumored racing mode, Fortnite Creative Mode will also get massive additions in the future, as confirmed by the devs in the past. For instance, VR support is planned by the devs, the ability to create custom items and weapons, custom and interactable HUDs, custom movements and controls, custom NPCs and creatures, and much more.

We may also see the addition of first-person mode soon alongside the rumored Mario Kart-inspired racing mode. It was previously surfaced in leaked screenshots of the game. While it did not release in Chapter 4 Season 4, the devs may finally include the much-requested feature in Fortnite’s upcoming Season 5.

All in all, we suggest taking the racing mode rumor with a huge grain of salt. Epic Games has not officially confirmed any of the rumors about a Fortnite racing mode thus far. But we may hear some official announcements soon as this year ─ filled with a bundle of gargantuan releases ─ progresses into the last few months. The mode could be announced with the official Chapter 5 reveal near the end of this year.

Fortnite has grown to be esthetically beautiful over the years.

Fortnite has aged like a wheel of rare cheese over the years, with a slew of consistent updates and new features alongside memorable collabs that keep each season unique. The huge community and daily players also play a huge role in creating creative content using the tools provided by Epic Games. The new Mario Kart-inspired racing mode will surely prove to be an indelible addition to an already content-rich battle royale experience.

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