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Fortnite Hide and Seek Codes (April 2022) – Best Maps to Play!

If you are having hassle stepping into the outside proper now, then it is likely to be price heading into Fortnite for some enjoyable with associates! What higher method to spend time with one another than to play a rousing recreation of disguise and search. There are a variety of nice maps on the market that permit for this type of enjoyable, so we’re having a look at the perfect disguise and search codes out there!

Fortnite Hide and Seek Maps List

Here’s our listing of Fortnite’s Best Hide and Seek Map Codes:

  • Summer House Prop Hunt: 9333-9129-4841
  • Mansion Mayhem Hiding Game: 7035-2787-5434
  • Hide & Seek Among the Pharaohs: 7477-6379-1293
  • Prop Hunt – Wizards Great Hall: 1474-2507-3173
  • The Props that Stole Christmas: 7115-2100-1957
  • Prop Hunt – Zig Zag Zoo: 3957-6223-5002
  • Tiny Soldiers: 0722-4300-5913
  • Hide and Seek (Christmas Themed): 2137-7520-1857
  • Creepy Park: 4350-5340-9940

Mansion Mayhem Hiding Game

This is a remake of the traditional Mansion Mayhem inventive map that was launched in Chapter 2. While the map appears to be overly easy, it has an enormous quantity of hidden spots that show to be a problem for the seekers to search out. This map is closely favorable for the Hiders, but it surely nonetheless stays robust as a traditional, fulfilling map. The video under exhibits a variety of good spots for the previous model of the map, however after testing the map, we’ve decided that a variety of them are nonetheless there!

Code: 7035-2787-5434

Hide & Seek Among the Pharaohs

This is a map for individuals who prefer to discover. It is a big map with a number of areas that you may examine to search out the perfect hiding spots. Keep getting present in one space? Try one other a part of the huge map. Hunters are in for a problem on this map, and so they’ll must hold a eager eye open in the event that they wish to discover all of the seekers throughout the huge expanse of this desert oasis.

Code: 7477-6379-1293

Prop Hunt – Wizards Great Hall

Harry Potter followers rejoice! There is lastly a Prop Hunt Fortnite map that’s primarily based on the favored franchise, and it is of nice high quality. Up to 50 witches and wizards can play on this map, and the hunters (referred to as Death Eaters) have particular magic skills that give them extra of an edge. If you forged your spells on the proper time, you’ll be able to outsmart your opponents and catch them (or get away from them). Basically, it is a Prop Hunt recreation with skills!

Code: 1474-2507-3173

Alice in Wonderland Hide & Seek Map

It comes as no surprise that the Alice in Wonderland world serves as an excellent map to play Hide & Seek. Run through The Red Queen’s garden hedge maze and try to avoid being caught by the hunters, and be sure not to get lost. You can spend your time appreciating the scenery and it’s likeness to the story, change your costume to look more like Alice. Just be sure not to lose your head!

Code: 4816-5553-6324

The Props that Stole Christmas

This is an excellent Prop Hunt map that adds a little flair to the Prop Hunt genre. The hunters are simply elves working in Santa’s Workshop and trying to make enough toys in time for Christmas. The Props are trying to stop them. This is not a standard approach to Hide & Seek because it makes the Props/Hiders seem more like the villains than the Hunters/Seekers. Regardless, this is the perfect map to continue the holiday spirit!

Code: 7115-2100-1957

Prop Hunt – Zig Zag Zoo

Go back to the classic Prop Hunt mode where it’s just Seekers vs. Hiders trying to use the environment around them to their advantage. In Zig Zag Zoo, you are (unsurprisingly) placed in a zoo, and must disguise yourself as one object around the park to hide from the hunters. Unfortunately, the seekers are not animals—then the games would be over too fast because we’d all love to be caught.

Code: 3957-6223-5002

Tiny Soldiers

This is a remake of one of the most popular Hide and Seek maps by the same creator titled Rats in the House. On this map, you act as tiny toy soldiers, hiding from the Seeker on a house scaled to massive proportions! In this spin on the Hide and Seek mechanic, players can choose their prop before they enter the map, then find the best spot to hide in the house!

Code: 0722-4300-5913

Hide and Seek (Christmas Themed)

Christmas is the perfect season for Fortnite maps, and you’ll you should definitely count on an abundance of crimson and inexperienced coloured maps round this time. Of course, we wished to current this years most attention-grabbing Hide and Seek map associated to the Holidays. In this model, gamers can disguise in one in every of a number of completely different areas. The Seeker should go in every space individually to go searching inside!

Code: 2137-7520-1857

Creepy Park

Even although it was launched in October 2021, Creepy Park is already featured on Fortnite’s listing beneath the “Eerie” class. However, do not assume it isn’t price taking part in outdoors of the Halloween season. This map retains Hide & Seek easy, following the fundamental guidelines to let hiders take 30 seconds to cover, and it provides the seekers 9 minutes to hunt.

Code: 4350-5340-9940

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