Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Patch Notes v26.30 brings Fortnitemares, new content and more


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  • The new Chapter 4 Season 4 has finally rolled out for Fortnite as patch notes v26.30 rolls out. This annual Halloween event brings Fortnitemares and other new content.
  • The update brings many cosmetics, including Michael Myres, Alan Wake, and more. There’s a bundle of new weapons, augmented reality, candies, and even the new Horde Rush event.
  • New events may allow players to earn XP by completing reward quests. The Fortnitemares event will continue until November 3rd.

new Patch notes v26.30 are finally out for Fortnite, Confirmation of the appearance of the annual Halloween event Fortnitemares. There’s tons of new content, a brand new battle pass, new weapons, means of traversal, augmented reality, and more to come in Battle Royale as the season unfolds.

Kicking off with Fortnitemares, the event comes with a slew of skins and cosmetics, including the highly anticipated Michael Myers and Alan Wake. The update is packed with many other skins, e.g Jack Skellington, Seth, Festival Phaedra, Phantom Meowscles, Heartbreak Ranger, Bogstick, and Runway Racer. Collabs will arrive in the Item Shop throughout the event.

In terms of new Fortnite Weapons, the new Woodstick sticks to the shotgun theme and looks quite appealing. On the other hand, the new Thrones Vampiric Blade (a katana) can steal health from enemies and hand it back to the player in typical vampire fashion.

The Pumpkin Launcher has also been added to Fortnite and can be found here.From the ground, regular and rare chests, hollow chests, and flying drones.” It shoots explosive jack-o-lanterns. The new Witch Broom further enhances the traversal mechanic in Fortnite. This can allow players to launch themselves into the air and then drop down to a safe location. This is the perfect escape gateway when the opponents are too much to handle.

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This event brings new behavior along with killing enemies mercilessly, including “Candy corn, Peppermint, Hop drops, And Jelly Beans.” Candy offers various benefits and can be found in candy buckets, ringing doorbells, killing guards, or taking out new bosses.

Fortnitemares celebrates the spooky season with quests that earn you XP and cool rewards. The number of events will gradually increase as the event continues until its conclusion on November 3. Some missions to earn XP will also be provided exclusively towards the creator mode.

Fortnite patch v26.30 brings many cosmetic items. || Image source: Fortnite

Similarly, the Horde Rush event also comes with quests and XP that can be grinded for attractive cosmetic rewards.

The new Horde Rush quests also bring spooky cosmetics. || Image source: Fortnite.

Many popular reality augmentations are also available, such as Game Time, Ice Slide, and Rushing Reload. The new QuickWeapon beta feature replaces the Next Weapon button. This allows users to easily switch between the primary weapon and other slots. Finally, support for OS9 devices is also gone. The devs will no longer actively maintain it.

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