Forspoken game length: how long to beat



Forspoken’s beautiful open-world fantasy setting promises a lot to explore. You might be asking about the game length of Forspoken or how long it will take to complete the main story. In your effort to save the world of Athia, you are facing the clock, and this article will talk about how long it will take to beat Forspoken and its full list of chapters.

How long to beat Forspoken?

Forspoken’s game duration will take 30 to 40 hours to beat the main story on average, but with side quests and other miscellaneous activities for Platinum Forspoken finishers it will take 50 to 60 hours max. This was according to the game’s co-director Takeshi Terada, who spoke with 3D games in an interview last year.

Considering the open world nature of Forspoken, it may take you more or less time to finish the game on average depending on how you engage with the side activities. There will almost certainly be new quests, dungeons, and tons of rewards. Terada has also hinted that the game will come with a satisfying ending for players who decide to keep playing for a longer period of time.

Forspoken duration: how long to beat

How long is Forspoken?

Forspoken has a total of 13 main chapters plus 21 side quests known as diversions. These diversions are optional and if you omit them, you could Finish Forspoken in just 20 hours. Here’s a complete list of chapters, along with each Detour or side mission per chapter:

  • Chapter 1: Attached files
    • detour 1: Chasing the calico cat
  • Episode 2: Stuck
  • Chapter 3: The intruder
  • Chapter 4: what must be done
    • detour 2: A guided tour
    • Detour 3: Feeding the Sheep
    • Detour 4: Chasing the Black and White Cat Part 1
    • Detour 5: Chasing the Gray Cat Part 1
    • Detour 6: Chasing the Black and White Cat Part 2
    • Detour 7: Robian’s Treasured Memories
    • Detour 8: New insights
    • Detour 9: Chasing the Gray Cat Part 2
  • Chapter 5: Might and Main
  • Chapter 6: Damned if you do…
    • detour 10: Dancing in Cipal
  • Chapter 7: The tone of blue
    • detour 11: Pact of Sila
    • detour 12: Helping the Broken
    • detour 13: Chasing the Striped Cat Part 1
    • detour 14: Chasing the Striped Cat Part 2
  • Chapter 8: The truth will come out
  • Chapter 9: Breaking point
  • Chapter 10: Without knowing
  • Chapter 11: Renegade
  • Chapter 12: wake up
  • Chapter 13: New starts
    • detour 15: Chasing the Black Cat Part 1
    • detour 16: Chasing the Black Cat Part 2
    • detour 17: Cipal Reborn
    • detour 18: Dancing in Cipal: Encore
    • detour 19: Dancing in Cipal: Finale
    • detour 20: Lost Lullabies
    • detour 21: A blast from the past

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Forspoken will be released on January 24, 2023 for PlayStation 5 and PC. Check out this Youtube video of game station.



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