Forspoken Devs Not Sending Pre-Launch Review Codes To Major Outlets



  • Forspoken developers have opted out of sending pre-launch review codes to a myriad of reputable outlets.
  • Game critics and content creators are seemingly being ignored by Square Enix, which will lead to very low pre-launch reviews.
  • Outlets like Video Games Chronicle, Windows Central, and many others are not going to be reviewing the game because of not receiving any review codes.
  • Square Enix has not officially addressed the reason, leaving many fans and game critics bewildered.

Square Enix’s Forspoken is upcoming new IP that explores the chronicles of Freya, a young woman from New York that transported to a fantasy world. The game mixes a slew of well-renowned tropes alongside a fresh approach to movement and combat to leave a lasting experience. However, the title has been the target of many criticisms.

The fresh entry has been riddled with controversies due to varied reasons, including its massive demand for PC specs. Forspoken is slating closer to its eventful release, and the review embargo will leave the game a day before its arrival. However, Square Enix has decided to keep the pre-launch review codes from various reputable critics.


A wave of well-renowned game critics has emerged on Twitter to announce the lack of pre-launch review codes for the title. Major game outlets like Video Games Chronicle, Windows Central, and many more have seemingly tried to reach out to Square Enix for the review codes, and all have been in vain so far.

It looks like VGC sadly won’t be publishing a Forspoken review on Monday, since Square Enix has decided not to supply us with code. That’s an extremely rare occurrence for us, so read into it how you like,” wrote the VGC editor Andy Robinson.

When Tom Henderson, an accredited game journalist, questioned the probable cause behind the dismissal, Andy noted that “this ball has been rolling for a while.” 

Windows Central Managing Editor and a well-renowned insider, Jez Corzen, and RPG Site also shared their disdain towards Forspoken Devs on Twitter, joining the list of central game critics that Square Enix is wholly ignoring. 

The YouTuber ForceGamingYT, boasting nearly 1 million subscribers, was among many to share the same sentiments. The reason behind a potential delay or Square Enix’s decision to opt out of sending pre-launch review codes entirely is up in the air for now, causing many speculations to brew in the Forspoken community.

Another YouTuber, Luke Stephens, shared similar feelings, noting that his team will not receive a Forspoken review code despite desperately trying. Luke believes the cause behind his withdrawal is because of criticizing the demo.

My team and I have been trying desperately to get a #Forspoken review code, but it appears we won’t be getting one. Can’t blame them as I’ve been pretty critical towards the game/demo. Nonetheless, I’ll be trying the game and sharing my impressions ASAP,” wrote Luke on Twitter.

It would be impossible to review an open-world game in just 3-4 days, even if Square Enix decides to send out the Forspoken review codes to various game critic outlets at this point. Unfortunately, the aforesaid outlets and a plethora of other game critics will have to opt out of reviewing the anticipated Forspoken before its launch. 

Forspoken fans have discussed the possible reasons behind Square Enix’s decision. Many think that the new IP is very unoptimized for the PC port. Moreover, others have noted the demo looked bland and full of issues, especially on the PC version. Fans have grown concerned about the PC version of the game after the recent news.

Square Enix has not officially addressed any reasons, which has left many fans and game outlets confused.

What are your thoughts about Square Enix withholding its pre-launch review codes for Forspoken from many significant outlets? Do you think this decision will further damage the game’s reputation? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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