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Forge Looks for Darwin and Wolverine in Marvel’s X-Men #17

  • X Men #17

    gerry duggan

    Joshua Cassara

    V.C.’s Clayton Cowles

    Cover artist:
    Russell Dauterman Matthew Wilson



    Release date:


wonderfully X Men Follow the flagship team of mutant superheroes from the island nation of Krakoa. Forge is currently on a search and rescue mission for Darwin, who was left inside the Vault a long time ago. Home to the Children of the Vault, a group of futuristic post-humans with plans for world domination, The Vault is a place where time ticks at a rapid pace. Forge’s mission becomes more complicated when he discovers that Laura Kinney, aka Wolverine, is also still alive in the Vault. Written by Gerry Duggan with art by Joshua Cassara, colors by GURU-eFX, lettering by Clayton Cowles, and design by Tom Muller with Jay Bowen. X Men #17 is a fascinating exploration of evolution.

Wolverine’s presence presents a significant dilemma for Forge. His mission is to extract Darwin, not Laura. Wolverine was part of the original recon mission into the Vault with Darwin and Synch. Synch was the only member to make it out of the Vault alive, with Darwin presumed captured and Wolverine presumed dead. Because of this, Laura was resurrected outside of the Vault, meaning there are now two of her. As Forge debates how to move on, he still has to worry about finding and saving Darwin, whose mutant ability to survive and adapt to anything has been taken to new extremes.

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Duggan does an excellent job of writing Forge’s morality in this issue. Forge is on a mission and vows to stay on task, even if it means making the morally gray decision to leave Laura behind. The drama in the issue stems from several key components: Laura’s dilemma, the threat posed by the Children of the Vault, and Darwin’s survival. Duggan balances all three plot points effectively. Darwin is particularly fascinating on this subject, as his powers manifest in new and creative ways. The resolution of the Wolverine situation is handled carefully and is sure to have major ramifications down the road.

Cassara’s art is phenomenal from start to finish. During some sequences, background details are washed out to create strong contrast and bring the action to the fore. When panels have fully rendered backgrounds, the results are amazing. The Vault and Krakoa have unique visual impacts that contrast each other in fascinating ways. Facial expressions are a particular highlight of the issue. The pain, the relief and the contemplation are clearly legible. Panel and page layouts are simple and effective in guiding readers from scene to scene.

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GURU-eFX colors are fantastic every time. Krakoa and the Vault have opposite color palettes. The Vault is much cooler, with purples and blues in charge, where everything outside of the Vault is full of warmth and life. Cowles’ lyrics are strong across the board. Children of the Vault’s dialogue is presented with white text and a black word balloon, making it instantly stand out. The sound effects add another layer of immersion to the book.

This arc has been an interesting exploration of Forge that has expanded the world of the X-Men in a major way. Duggan plants several seeds that are sure to bear fruit in the long run. Along with the long-term implications, some revelations will have an immediate impact down the line. With X Men #17, Duggan and the rest of the creative team deliver an exciting and thoughtful number that sets the stage for character growth.

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