Firmament Walkthrough Part 3: Second Update



This is the third part of our tour of the Firmament. As a summary, we have finished the first part of Curievale. We have the update for the Region. We’ll be back when we have the rest of the updates.

In this walkthrough, we will tell you how to complete the puzzles in your first game of the Juleston region. To reach the Juleston region, you will need to access the world from the Swan. If you’ve been following the guides, you’ll see the name of the destination by looking at the plaque under the transport pods.

Please note that we will not be covering the Swan in this walkthrough guide. The Swan is a hub world, and while the Mentor has a few comments here and there, it isn’t a place of importance until late game.

juleston part 1

Welcome to Juleston Reservoir! Now we are out of the cold and into the warm, slightly strange-smelling air of a new Realm. Juleston is where you’ll get a chance to play with battery acid. What fun!

Once you’re out of the pod, take a moment and take in the grandeur of the Realm Grand Arch. That is our first destination in this kingdom. Just like the previous kingdom, our mission is to raise it up too.

There are two parts you can take. Turn left and head towards the reservoir. The path on the right side, we will cover it in due time. But not now.

At the top of the ridge, you will see the reservoir filled with water. You will have to lower the waters if you wish to enter the Tower below. Let’s get to know the terrain first before going anywhere else.

Continue bordering the reservoir until you find the Reservoir water pump. This is the machine that is going to pump water out of the reservoir. The problem is that there is no power. Let’s fix that quick.

Find the trail that goes down past the water pump. A little further and you will see the Omniwheel Station. You can’t get there right now because the elevator has no electricity.

If you look over the edge of the cliff, you will find a certain area with a different look. That is the battery area. More importantly, if you see the flashing red lights, they will tell you that power is not flowing in the circuit.

Now getting to the battery area is not as easy as it seems. You will need to go around the edge of the depot once more until you see the path as shown here.

This is the entrance to the path that leads directly to the battery area. Keep going until you see a second set of banners. This is the actual entrance to the battery area. Note that You will have to deviate a bit from the edge but keep going until you reach the metal walkway. At the end of the path is the voltage control panel.

This is what you need to know:

As seen by the light blue marking on the front, the machine needs 115 volts for the circuit to activate. Nothing more and nothing less will do.

The battery plates are submerged from below in a mixture of sulfuric acid. (You don’t want to dive naked into that.) You can rotate each battery cell to connect it to the battery next to it.

You want to connect the battery so that the voltage adds up to 115 volts of electricity.

If you look at the other side of the control panel, you start to see a picture of columns and rows of batteries. Each column provides different amounts of voltages.

Looking at the batteries closely, you will see that the connectors are color coded. You can also see the filament-like wire at the tip of the connectors. These indicate whether or not that board is part of the circuit. If it glows, then it is active.

These are the colors of the metallic structures and how much voltage they provide:

  • Red = 20 volts
  • Yellow = 15 volts
  • Green = 10 volts
  • Blue = 5 volts

You have to follow this order precisely. The circuit cannot be completed by simply connecting the plates in any order. Everyone should start from the positive and end with the negative.

To solve this problem, you will first need to go to the positive end of the circuit. It is located on the right side of the control panel. From there, you’ll want to go ahead and connect the three green plates together. This will give you a quantity of 30 volts.

Connect the green board at the back to the yellow board next to it. Connect that yellow plate to the yellow plate next to it. This will bring the voltage up to 60.

Go down to the newly connected yellow plate and turn it to the nearest red plate. So far, so good. Move to the red plate and connect that plate to the red plate next to it. This will bring the voltage to 100.

To finish the circuit, go to the red board just connected and rotate it until it connects to the yellow board next to it.. This will complete the circuit.

Notice that nothing happens even after completing the loop. Well, you need to go back to the control panel and restore power to the grid. All lights should now turn green.

Go back up the path until you reach the base of the Omniwheel station. Call the elevator to take you to the top of the platform. Once there, ride the Omniwheel to the Great Kingdom Arch, where your next upgrade awaits.

Concatenated socket upgrade allows you to connect from one socket to another. This is especially useful for outlets that are out of your line of sight. The problem is that they must be facing each other for the connection to be possible.

You know the drill at this point: open the heavy door, clear the shutters, and pick up the next needle.

Congratulations! You are now halfway through completing the Juleston Realm. We will definitely return to it later after acquiring the final Adjuct update.

To finish the level, take the transport pod behind the upgrade machine and return to the Swan.

And that’s the end of part three of our Firmament tour. We hope you find this information useful in some way.

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Firmament is now available in PC stores. With a PS4 and PS5 version with PSVR support coming in the future.



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