Fire Emblem Engage: Why Vander Is Not Leveling (Answered)



Vander is not leveling up in Fire Emblem Engage like the other characters, which is a problem that most of you are experiencing. As we know, we receive support units at the start of the game. Vander has Paladin’s class. The Paladin class is a Tanky and considerably stronger than other main classes.

Key Highlights

  • Vander has a Paladin class that makes him considerably stronger
  • Vander is not leveling up because he is basically at level 20 at the start of the game.
  • He is indeed leveling up, but his experience is growing at a very low pace.
  • Due to low-level gain speed, we suggest you do not use this character in later part of the game
  • You can level up Vander faster by killing enemies of promoted class or higher level. In this case, you will get higher experience.

There might be several reasons why Vander isn’t leveling up in the game. In Fire Emblem Engage, Vander is a great player in the game because of his superior Paladin class. At the beginning of the game, Vander is essentially level 20.

Vander kills enemies who are far lower in level than he is; thus, he is not leveling up. In fact, he is leveling up, but very slowly. Up to the point that you start facing promoted enemies, Vander’s experience will be harder to get. Basically, Vander excels at solely disabling opponent Spear units.

Because of Vander’s promoted class at the beginning of the game, we advise against making him your primary character. However, because of Vander’s lower rate of experience gained from kills, he will not be a suitable choice to fight advanced enemies later in the game.

Who Is Vander In Fire Emblem Engage 

Vander In Fire Emblem Engage
In Fire Emblem Engage: Vander

One of Fire Emblem Engage‘s most playable and recruitable Unit Characters is Vander. He is a Steward of the Dragon of the 32nd generation. He is a distinguished member of the Divine Dragon’s protectors at the Land of Lythos. He is a trustworthy ally who took care of Alear when she was sleeping off for hours. Vander has vowed allegiance to Alear.

Vander plays a crucial part in the defensive Paladin unit, one of the best in the game. It would not be a smart idea to rely just on him. Despite simply leveling up this character, you should level up other unit characters.

Paladin is Vander’s default class, and he uses a mounted battling style. He will start with an Iron Axe. The Vander’s default Class Progression is Cavalry. Alabaster Duty, his personal skill, gives both troops a battle Crit bonus of 5 if they are next to the Divine Dragon.

About The Game

Fans of the series now have access to a fresh tactical experience with the release of Fire Emblem Engage. Even though the plots of each game in the series differ slightly, Engage includes several well-known characters from earlier games as Divine Emblems, which are bonded to your own units and grant you strong advantages.

These Emblems are historical figures in the story’s backdrop, though Engage does not go into great detail on how they came to be. Every legacy figure who appears in Fire Emblem Engage as a Divine Emblem has a backstory.


We’ve now finished our comprehensive look at why Vander is not Leveling up in Fire Emblem Engage and how to fix this issue. Don’t forget to look at all the online features in the game, as well as our other emblem guides, such as Celine. If you intend to use Kagetsu in your unit, you may also read our in-depth tutorial on him. Don’t forget to read our in-depth guide on Fire Emblem Engage’s gifts.

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