Fire Emblem Engage Underage Dating Scenes Allegedly Censored



A new data mine claims that the localized version of Fire Emblem Engage is heavily censored due to the underage dating scenes in the original Japanese version. Many fans of the Fire Emblem franchise are now outraged that the US localization team is removing content that the Japanese have.

The source is a bit questionable as it is from 4chan which has questionable information. Sometimes your “leaked” details turn out to be true, but that doesn’t happen most of the time, so take this new information with a grain of salt.

Is Fire Emblem Engage censored?

According to the Twitter user mondblut, a new datamine file has just been downloaded on 4chan and it turned out to be the full script for Fire Emblem Engage. The script revealed that all supported romance lines that were with minors were removed.

Keep in mind that romance in Fire Emblem is already a common feature across several titles. Fans who compared the original Japanese dialogue along with the supposed data-mined localized text found that there were some discrepancies with various conversations, especially with minor characters.

Outrage of the fans!

If this data-mined text is true, then this could be a problem for many fans of the franchise. Fire Emblem fans are pretty rabid when it comes to localizing the Japanese versions into English without “cannibalizing” the script due to careless errors and, more often than not, censorship. This has happened in previous titles and this time it seems like it’s been pretty heavy on the script. Again, if this statement is true.

Possible adjustments, not complete removal

This couldn’t just be a complete removal of lines of dialogue. The changes could just be tweaks to the script, making it more palatable to Western tastes. Instead of romantic dialogue, the localization team could have turned it into a friendlier conversation that offers the same bonuses after completion. Still, if this claim is true, then the localization team has retouched some original work and added their own changes that could spark another “world war” with fans.

What are the chances that this localized text extracted from data is true? With the reputation of the Fire Emblem localization team, that’s very likely true. Until the game comes out later, there’s no way to confirm these claims.

fire emblem engage anna
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