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The Fire Emblem Engage Tiki Ring or properly known as Tiki Bracelet, also known as the Ancient Divine Dragon Bracelet, is an emblem bracelet that can be obtained in Fire Emblem Engage. It contains the power of Tiki, a well-known character who first appeared in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and can transform into his dragon form.

Read on as we go through the steps on how to unlock the Fire Emblem Engage Tiki Ring or Tiki’s Bracelet.

How to Unlock Tiki Bracelet

To unlock the Fire Emblem Engage Tiki Ring or Tiki Bracelet, you must first have Wave 1 of the game’s Expansion Pass. This is a paid expansion that can be purchased through the Nintendo eShop for $29.99 and it is the only way to get the Divino Paralogue which unlocks the bracelet.

Before unlocking the event, you need to go through the game’s story and complete Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring. If you complete Chapter 6, you will gain access to the Bandit Hideout. This will allow you to access the Dragon Temple to the south of the main island.

You can then play the Divine Paralogue: The Ancestor where you will see Tiki’s Bracelet and Tiki. But before granting his power, he will challenge you to complete a battle first.

Play Divine Paralogue: The Ancient

The Paralogue is set in the Temple of the Dragon, which is shaped like a trident. To get to Tiki, you will first need to stand on the sigils that will dispel the barriers. The first room you need to go to is the middle one, which opens up the room to the left. The room on the left contains the sigil that will open the room where Tiki is.

The Temple has corridors that are only one tile wide, so the positioning of your units will be limited. It’s best to take on enemies slowly and avoid getting stung while you’re in the hallways.

Meeting Tiki for the first time with the Ring of Marth equipped will show some unique dialogue between the two, considering that Marth and Tiki have known each other for so long.

What is the Ancestral Divine Dragon Tiki Ring/Bracelet for?

The Ancient Divine Dragon Bracer is an emblem that allows you to summon Tiki and use his abilities in battle. Like rings, they can also be worn and equipped in a unit. His Synchro ability is Starsphere which grants enhanced stat growth upon leveling up. Another useful ability Tiki has is Divine Blessing which gives another ally a Rebirth Stone during battle.

Tiki’s pledge allows him to transform into his Draconic Form, which significantly increases the user’s stats.

Tiki Ring / Ancestral Divine Dragon Link Ability Bracelet

These are the abilities that can be obtained or inherited from the Fire Emblem Engage Tiki Ring or the Ancestral Divine Dragon Bracelet when certain bond levels are reached; note that skill inheritance can only be done once link level 5 is reached:

  • Level 2 – HP/Block +2
  • Level 3 – Geosphere
  • Level 4 – Special Guard 1
  • level 5 – Inheritance of skills
  • level 6 – Artistic competition
  • level 7 – HP/Block +4
  • level 8 – sphere of life
  • level 9 – Special Guard 2
  • level 10 – Light sphere
  • level 11 – Strong tie
  • level 12 – HP/Block +6
  • level 13 – Special Guard 3
  • level 14 – Life Sphere+
  • level 15 –HP/Lck +8
  • level 16 – Geosphere+
  • level 17 – Special Guard
  • level 18 –HP/Lck +10
  • level 19
    • sphere of life++
    • special guard 5
  • level 20 – Deep synergy

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