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In Fire Emblem Engage, you can bring back pets and animals to the farm in Somniel and take care of them. Having great bonds with them can earn you useful buffs. One similar animal-like creature which is already present in the Somniel of Fire Emblem Engage is Sommie.

Sommie acts like Somniel’s adorable little mascot as it has been there for a long time. You can interact with it to gain bonuses and also change its appearance too. The origins of Sommie are quite mysterious, but it is worth the visit each time you are back at Somniel.

Key Highlights

  • Sommie In Fire Emblem Engage is an ancient creature that has been like a guardian for Somniel for a long time.
  • You can find Sommie in a tunnel near the southern side of Somniel after progressing through the story.
  • You can interact with Sommie by either feeding, petting, or dressing it up.
  • Feeding or petting Sommie will make the creature gift you Bond Fragments or Spirit Gems.

Who Is Sommie?

Sommie Origin (captured by us)

Sommie mostly remains a mystery, and you mainly learn about it the first time you interact with it. When you first discover Sommie, Vander will approach you and say “Oh, I see you’ve found it, Lord Divine.” He will then continue to tell the hazy origin of the cute creature.

Sommie is said to have started to appear every now and then before the player woke up. According to Lady Lumera, Sommie is Somniel’s guardian of some sort and has lived there for a long time, even playing with Lady Lumera in her youth. As we know, Lady Lumera, our character’s mother, has been around for a long time, which means Sommie is quite old.

Sommie Location

Sommie location in Fire Emblem Engage
Sommie location in Somniel (captured by eXputer)

Sommie is found in the Somniel. More specifically, you can find it in the lower-mid section of the map or the Southern Region. The exact location is highlighted above. Once you enter the tunnel-like area marked on the map, keep going forward and you’ll find Sommie’s shrine on your left.

When you discover it for the first time, you’ll even get the chance to rename the Shrine to Sommie’s Shrine. Also, it is worth noting that the tunnel where you’ll find Sommie won’t be unlocked until you progress a little further into the story after the prologue.

What Can You Do With Sommie?

what you can do with sommie in fire emblem engage
Sommie interaction options (screenshot by eXputer)

When you’re done learning about Sommie from Vander, you can actually interact with Sommie. You’ll be presented with three different options:

The first two actions will contribute towards the bar at the bottom right with Sommie’s face on it. It acts as a bonding meter. The dress-up option seems to be mostly cosmetic and doesn’t affect Sommie’s gameplay. But, you can give Sommie some cool-looking shades through the dress-up option.

The other two options, besides dress up, can lead you to receive Bond Fragments, and sometimes Spirit Gems. You’ll usually receive two gifts in between each battle, but you’ve got to be quite persistent to get that second gift.

Feed Option

food options
Food options for feeding Sommie (image by eXputer)

If you choose the feed option, you can choose from various different food items in your inventory to feed Sommie. An animation will play where Sommie will seem happy and then will reward you with Bond Fragments.

Although you can feed Sommie almost any food item in your inventory, there are certain foods that it loves, while others that it finds less appealing. You’ll know whether Sommie enjoyed the food or not based on its reaction:

  • Whimpering sounds mean that Sommie disliked the food.
  • Barking sounds mean that Sommie liked the food.
  • Barking while jumping means that Sommie loved the food!

Although you’ll realize which foods are its favorite by simply experimenting, here is a general idea of which food Sommie might hate, like, or love.

  • Sommie hates: Onions, Nuts, and Eggs.
  • Sommie likes: Tomatoes, Berries, Rice, Herbs, and Potatoes.
  • Sommie loves: Apples, Peaches, Grapes, Rare Fruit, Rare Vegetable, and Beans.

Petting Option

Bond fragment award for taking care of Sommie (screenshot by us)

The same case occurs if you choose to pet Sommie. Unlike feeding Sommie, petting doesn’t use up any resources. You’ll also be awarded Bond Fragments (or Spirit Gems, but it is rare) after you pet it. Additionally, Sommie’s progress bar at the bottom right will also increase.

However, if you’re petting Sommie after you’ve already fed it and collected your first reward, then it is unlikely that when you pet it the first time you’ll get a second gift. If you want to get the second gift, then you need to keep petting Sommie until it finally drops you the second gift.

With that, you know all about Sommie in Fire Emblem Engage on the Nintendo Switch. It is an ancient guardian-like creature of the Somniel and has been around for quite some time, appearing every now and then. But from a gameplay perspective, it serves mostly as a nice little buff each time you visit the Somniel in between missions.

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