Fire Emblem Engage Magic Knight Saturn introduced.



Nintendo recently revealed new details for Fire Emblem Engage. Magic Night Citrine.

The Magic Knight is a royal knight from Citrine Brodia, according to the translation of Siliconera. She serves Prince Alchrist in the game. She is also the cousin of Prince Alchrist and Diamond. She also starts out as a mage for her class.

Citrinne is being posted to the capital as the kingdom’s royal knight. In terms of her personality, she is quite kind and cares for her friends. Since she is part of royalty, she uses her wealth to corrupt those around her.

In order to become stronger, Citrinne casts spells without resting that she is sometimes too hard on herself. As a mage, she uses tomes to cast spells and attack from a safe distance but this can be a weakness when enemies get too close. However, she can take down heavily armored units with high defense.

The Japanese dub voice actor for Citrinne is Ikumi Hasegawa. He has voiced Vladelena Millais in 86 Eighty-Six, Zhao Yu in Flavors of Youth, and Archivod Bronstad in Fate/Grand Order.

Fire Emblem Engage launches on Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.



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