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In Fire Emblem Engage, there are three difficulties from which you can select, and they range from Normal, Hard, and Maddening. However, if you are a veteran of the game series, then you know that you should fear the word Maddening in such titles. This is because the Fire Emblem Engage Maddening difficulty setting is way more difficult than you think. The difficulty jump from Hard to Maddening is actually astounding. Some gamers like to translate these difficulties as Very Easy, Easy, and Super Hard.

Key Highlights

  • Among the three difficulties of Fire Emblem Engage, Madenning is the top as it is the most demanding and challenging difficulty.
  • Maddening is a difficulty that is quite a few steps ahead of the Hard difficulty as there are many major changes in the game.
  • In Maddening difficult, you are not allowed to save in between battles, and most of the tutorials are not available for you. And there are even more major changes that make this difficult a big challenge.
  •  If you are a gamer looking for a challenge in the new Fire Emblem Engage, give Maddening with Permadeath Classic mode a go.

The Maddening Difficulty In Fire Emblem Engage 

Difficulty Fire Emblem Engage
The Difficulty Options In Fire Emblem Engage (Image Credit: eXputer)

Now, let us kick things off by first describing the Maddening difficulty and what changes are there that make it much more challenging. First, the number of enemies that spawn during a battle has been increased by a huge factor which means you will need to deal with more enemies. 

Furthermore, these large numbers of enemies will now have increased stats which means that they are even harder to defeat, and on the other hand, they can deal you even more damage. However, that is not all, as you will also be prohibited from saving your progress in between a battle which makes the difficulty bar rise by a significant margin.

And some of the game tutorials will automatically be skipped. Furthermore, enemies will now also have skills they will definitely use against you. However, we are not finished yet as there is a last major change which makes the Madenning difficulty even more Maddening. And that is, you will have a very limited number of rewinds during a battle which will definitely be a lot lower than the rewinds in Hard difficulty.

If you are still not satisfied with this menacing difficulty, then we have another tip for you to make it even more challenging. All you have to do is switch from Casual mode to Classic Permadeath. This will make it to that your units which die during a battle will not be available from that point forward, which means that you will need to replace them with a whole new unit.

Comparing Madenning With Normal And Hard Difficulty

Fire Emblem Engage Gameplay
A Gameplay Screenshot Of Fire Emblem Engage (Image Taken By: eXputer)

Now compared to the normal and hard difficulty, maddening is a big leap up as several changes have been implemented, as we mentioned above. However, just to get a rough idea, we would like to inform you that the number of enemies is decided by the difficulty, just like the stats of the enemies.

Other factors, like rewinds during a battle, also vary according to the difficulty. However, the difference between Maddening and Hard is more than the difference between Hard and Normal difficulty. Furthermore, other factors affect the Maddening difficulty that just is not implemented on the Hard or Normal difficulty. 

However, if you are still interested in finding out more about the Maddening difficulty and want to decide which difficulty you should choose, then check out the thoughts of the gamers on this Reddit PageWhile you are at it, we recommend that you should know about the Tarot Cards as well as about Fire Emblem Engage Order Of Heroes.

And with that, we bring our Fire Emblem Engage Maddening guide to an end where we explain to you all the features of the Maddening difficulty, which makes it a challenge for you. However, if you believe that there was more to it, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

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