Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 7: Dark Emblem Walkthrough

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Dark Emblem is the seventh chapter of Fire Emblem Engage. Alear and Alfred fight their way to the Brodia border, where they are suddenly attacked by another group. Luckily for them, he is the prince of the kingdom of Brodia and he recognizes them right after. But then, they return to the kingdom to discover that the Elusian forces, led by his princess, are also on the hunt for the Crest Rings.

Read on as we go through the events of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 7: dark emblem as we share more details about the story and characters, as well as some tips to help in battles.

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Chapter 7: Dark Emblem Walkthrough

While on their way to Brodia, Alear and Alfred are attacked by Alcryst, the prince of the kingdom of Brodia, accompanied by his two allies, Lapis and Citrinne. He then recognizes the prince and instantly apologizes for nearly harming the Divine Dragon. They then join the group and head towards the castle, but their path is blocked by another army. They are the forces of Elusia led by their second princess Hortensia.

Dark Emblem Preparation

For this fight, you will be controlling 12 units including Alcryst, Lapis, and Citrinne. It’s better to bring in Etie to take care of the flyers and cover half the battlefield along with Alcryst the other half. Bringing in someone who can tear through enemies like Alfred can help lessen the threat from backline units.

smash guns

You will experience the use of the smash mechanic with Lapis as she wields a blade that is strong enough to knock down and push back the enemy. The problem is that these heavy weapons are slow, so they lose initiative and cannot follow up.

Dark Emblem Strategy

There are two barricades of enemies before you can get close to Hortensia. To avoid the possibility of being overwhelmed, it’s best to deal with these barricades one by one and let them come to your formation via kites instead.

At the second barricade, prepare your archers to cover the top and bottom sides of the bridge where two flyers will enter.

When facing Hortensia, watch out for her showdown attack as she carries the Ring of the Exalted Princess which allows allies adjacent to the target to chain attack. Make sure your tankiest unit is the front line, as you can expect Hortensia and her allies to surround it. Baiting them this way will allow you to circle them instead of the other way around.

Dark Emblem exploration and post-combat

These are the items that can be obtained by defeating enemies:

  • great iron ax
  • steel ax
  • master seal

These are the items that can be picked up from the glowing spots on the ground:

  • iron ingot
  • steel ingot
  • Walnuts
  • Rice

These are the animals that can be adopted from the area:

  • elyosian dove
  • brodian cat
  • Aura Eagle

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