Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 1: Awake at Last Walkthrough



Awake at Last is the first chapter of Fire Emblem Engage. The protagonist, Alear, wakes up from his millennial dream, trying to remember who they were, since they only remember his name and nothing else.

Read on as we go through the events of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 1: finally awake as we share more details about the story and characters, as well as some tips to help in battles.

Chapter 1: Awake At Last Walkthrough

The chapter begins with Alear awakening and being greeted for the first time by her butlers, Framme and Clane.

Prologue: The Emblems

Alear struggles to remember his past due to being asleep for too long. Vander steps in and helps fill in some details and reveals that Alear is referred to as the Divine Dragon, a person who possesses immense power and is also known as a hero.

The Commissioners then take Alear to see more of Somniel, the island where Alear has been sleeping for over a millennium. During their conversation, they are suddenly attacked by creatures that Vander says have never set foot on Somniel to this day. Framme and Clane tried to fend off the attackers to give Alear a chance to flee, but they were surrounded almost immediately. Alear decides to help and a battle begins.

Learn basic combat mechanics

This first battle serves as a tutorial for the game’s combat mechanics such as movement, terrain, attacks, etc. You will have control of Vander while the other two commissioners act on his behalf and you have to try to defeat all the enemies. .

Learn Emblems and Matchmaking

Midway through the fight, just as it looks like Framme and Clanne are beaten, your emblem ring awakens and summons Emblem Marth. You can then use engagement attacks to take down the rest of the enemies on the map.

After you take out the enemies, more enemies will start coming in. A dragon then appears and shoots lightning that hits enemies. This dragon turns out to be Queen Lumera, the Divine Dragon Monarch and the mother of Alear.

Post Combat Scouting

After the fight, you can spend some time talking to the other characters. You can also collect the following items from the glowing spots on the ground:

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